Running at a record pace for the third month in a row, and the Feed

Wow! I was checking my blog stats this morning and that’s all I can say. I was running late last night and wasn’t showing much traffic when I posted yesterday, but after the post went live I had a torrent of traffic. I haven’t activated the counter that tells me how many of you are watching for new posts by e-mail, but it must be a large number of you. I feel honored that you wait on new posts and swarm the site when a new one goes up. It’s almost like when I go for a bike ride and people ask me if I’m Opus the Poet because they recognize me from my blog. This is the third month in a row that I have set new click records, and this time I still have 2 days left in the month to set it higher. You honor me again, I really don’t know what I do to deserve all this attention. 😉

First up because it’s the only wreck report from the North American continent is a wreck in MA. Man on bike struck by car, injured I don’t see how there could be any less information about this wreck, they never even identified the gender of the driver of the car, or even acknowledged the car had a driver. Nothing on the direction of travel or if the wreck was in the intersection or just in the general vicinity. Just a vague location and an approximate time.

Our only other wreck is an update on a 9/12 wreck in Guyana. Injured cyclist still critical This looks like a sever brain injury from the description in the report. I hope he recovers, because at this point it looks like, to quote an old SNL skit, you can give him some moss for his north side for Christmas. Still alive but no motor responses to stimuli, ugh. If there is still intelligence locked up inside that brain it won’t stay sane for long. I think Metallica did a song and video about someone in a condition like that.

A person that equates helmets with safety wants only pictures of bike riders with helmets on in the paper. Community Conversation: Press should promote helmet use by bicyclists with photos it prints Really, the newspaper should only print pictures with scenes that promote your propaganda? Can I get pictures of the victims of motor vehicle wrecks beside every car ad to go with that?

There is some push going on for a 3 foot passing law in SD. Safety cushion sought for bicycle riders I wish they wouldn’t call it a cushion but rather a margin, otherwise decent article.

One that I got back channel about enforcing the 3 foot law in FL. FSU Police officers teach motorists ‘three feet’ law I know it’s old news, but it proves that a 3 foot passing law can be enforced if LEO decide to enforce it.

And another report on yet another ghost bike. Project promotes bicyclists’ rights This “ghost bike” is just a discarded bike chained to a post, they didn’t even bother to paint it white. The idea is the ghost bike is an unridable bike that is left as a memorial to the fallen, some even have hubs that are welded solid, with the back wheel buried in concrete, but this seems to be more of a funerial offering that they keep in ridable condition except the fron wheen from the wrecked bike. I just don’t understand.

Final story is about a car-free day in Israel to honor a high holy day. Holy day or holiday? Thousands of people on bicycles celebrate a day without cars, and people are at all surprised when there is a spike in bike wrecks? Shouldn’t they be promoting the fact that the fatality rate drops to almost zilch on that day?

And that’s all I have today.

Billed @$.02, Opus


One response to “Running at a record pace for the third month in a row, and the Feed

  1. So, what happened with the LOCAL cyclist killed, namely as reported in the Startlegram, where a Lockheed VP got smacked on the I-20 Service Road on Saturday. I’m not seeing a lot of details other than the few details I see don’t agree with each other.


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