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Cr@p from all over, and one the Feed missed

The Feed was not very “feedy” this morning. The content was 100% bicycle related but the articles were “ehh” as far as what they were worth. I did get a link to a local wreck back channel (and for all my back channel reporters, a hearty Hurrah! for your efforts, maybe some day I’ll be making enough money at this to send some your way), that was troubling.

Getting to the local story first, a man riding on a frontage road is hit and run and there is speculation that the wreck was intentional on the part of the driver. Driver ‘veered into’ cyclist on I-20 service road, DPS says Check that, the new headline doesn’t speculate at all. The comments section claimed the rider was in the center of the lane (a perfectly legal place for him to be BTW) but the DPS (TX State Troopers) report says he was hit on the shoulder of the road. The cyclist was an organ donor but aside from corneas I don’t think with that much blunt force trauma there will be anything worth harvesting. To have organs that can be used for transplant the donor has to be alive when he gets to the hospital, again except for corneas, and from what I understand McQuien died at the scene. As for how you can avoid ending up the same way, well the cyclist in this wreck used hit-from-behind avoidance protocol and still got fatally hit. The only way you could avoid the same situation would be by pure dumb luck. As for the driver who failed to control her WMD, I think manslaughter would be a fair charge. There is no indication at this time that the driver was trying to buzz the cyclist, so any kind of homicide charges would not be warranted. Now if the driver is found to have been buzzing the cyclist, then it becomes a homicide as the driver was intentionally placing the cyclist in jeopardy.

A report for ambulance chasers from a over-fed vulture. Pennsylvania Personal Injury Notice- bicyclist hit by pickup truck! For a left cross wreck like this one, a lawyer on the side of the cyclist is a good thing, but it should the the DA, not a personal injury lawyer. I think I mentioned this wreck on Friday or Saturday.

The rest of the Feed is, well “insipid” is a polite way to say it. There isn’t much substance in the rest of the articles, even the nice stories about good people. But they are bike stories and this blog strives to be the place on the internet of non-racing bike reporting, so here’s the rest of the Feed (holding nose).

More on the MI bike ride for a dead Marine’s efforts to make the world a better place than what he found it. Dead Marine honored with cross-state ride, scholarship The Witch on a Bicycle endorses this ride and its goals to make the world a better place through education. For all that that is worth.

My SF colleague from examiner.com has an article on PPE for cyclists using football as a metaphor. Vikings’ Brett Favre Schools San Francisco’s 49ers and Cyclists! I also tell my readers to wear helmets, because besides gloves they’re all the PPE we get, not because I think helmets are much good in a wreck. Mine saved my life, but in my wreck I didn’t hit my head on the truck that hit me, I went face first into the road from about 16 feet in the air after I bounced off the truck. The other 2 times I got hit, there was no such thing as bike helmets except for the leather hairnets that track cyclists sometimes wore. (Google “leather bicycle helmet”)

More on Joe Novotny and his wreck. Two months later, friends still mourn Minnesota-born cyclist killed by alleged drunk driver This just never ends, but it does get a little better after time.

Advice on how to not get hit by people throwing open their car doors. Biking near cars opens door to trouble Heed this advice, it might save your life.

“Advice” from the Emerald Isle on bike helmets. To wear or not to wear? To quote one of the “experts” in the article “I wear a helmet to protect myself against my own mistakes, but we know from international studies that helmets do not protect cyclists if they are hit by any vehicle going at any speed.” And there you have in a nutshell why I tell you my readers to wear helmets, because there is always the possibility that a hidden danger (wet leaves, loose sand or gravel, pavement seams) might cause a fall.

Final report is from Oz about a cyclist that even after a wreck did not stop cycle commuting. Nothing will stop this rider “I did fracture my elbow riding to work because I hit a gutter. I kept riding and sort of bleeding everywhere.” You have to admire a person that rides herself to the hospital with a broken arm.

And that’s it for today, I’m going for a bike ride.

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