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More stuff I need

I’m laying out the pattern for a Coro-gami pannier set trying to make it big enough to take Gigi out camping with me, and I realize that to make this work for both groceries and camping stuff I’m going to need… more stuff!

Specifically I need 2 4’X8′ sheets of 10mm Coroplast to make this work. Color is not a big thing, red or yellow either one will work fine, white will not look as good but will also work fine (Gigi voted for red BTW to go with her orange-red frame paint). When I was doodling this originally I figured I could do the thing with one sheet of 10mm and still somehow manage to get 2 layers of cross grain laminations, but after doing the layout for just the outer layer and having to juggle the numbers several times to get it to fit on a 4’x8′ sheet (it can be done but I had to severely squish my 1970s vintage Dutch Army sleeping bag to make sure it would go) and only having a small bit left over to make a fender from or something. The inner layer would have to be done on a separate sheet of Coroplast.

Now as to why I’m using not just Coroplast but 2 layers of 10 mm Coroplast? Well it’s complicated. This is a project to let me expand my grocery shopping radius, but in order to do that I needed some way of getting ice cream home before it melted, or milk before it went bad. In other words I needed an insulated cooler on my bike. I also found a web site (since taken down) that describe how a man in either England or Australia made an ice chest from 2 layers of Coroplast laminated cross grain with a piece of aluminum foil between to act as a radiant barrier, and it worked as well as the store bought version for less than half the price. Then I saw where someone had built a house from Coroplast that was self-supporting just from the 4 walls and floor made from 12mm Coroplast, and I put 2 and 2 together and got pi so I went back and worked on it until I got 4 😉 The guy that made the cooler used 3M 77 contact adhesive on the foil and the coro to get a sturdy lamination.

Edit: I just checked the Coroplast web site and they don’t make the red or yellow 10 mm any more, just white black and bright blue. Gigi says no blue.

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Another weak Feed, and some observations

Another day with almost nothing in the Feed of any consequence for my readers, more bull riders, a motorcycle helmet law under debate in Guam, a guy that rides bike stunts killed in a car (some irony there, but nothing for the blog), and some stuff that I never did figure out why it was in the Feed.

Up first is a wreck in a Boise parking lot between a 11 YO and some kind of motor vehicle. 11-year-old child bicyclist injured in crash Initial reports indicate that the kid was weaving through stopped cars when they started moving and the kid was hit. Apparently neither one was paying attention but the guy with the deadly weapon should have been.

A NJ cyclist was killed crossing a major highway while pushing her bike. Ocean Township police say bicyclist killed on Route 35 crossed against traffic signal Looking at the Google Maps closeup there are 6 lanes of traffic to cross here with the half cloverleaf for making left turns off Rt 35 which indicates the period for the traffic signal isn’t very long, with the cyclist walking her bike across the intersection there probably wasn’t enough time to clear the intersection before traffic started moving again and if she got caught halfway with no median…

In Jolly Olde things are not so jolly, again. Cyclist injured in collision And now you know as much as I do about the wreck.

In Oz a cyclist training for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship isn’t going to make it this year. Triathlete Jessica Simpson injured in crash Dumped by Tony Romo and hit by a car all in the same year (and that was a joke BTW). This was a hit from behind crash the cyclist would have had no chance to avoid because of the sudden lane change by the driver.

I’m not sure exactly how to classify this report from the UK. Man injured after cyclist assault Since both of the participants were on foot with one pushing a bicycle on the footpath I can only assume that the “victim” said something derogatory about cyclists, or maybe the young woman that was also pushing a bicycle and the male cyclist took violent offense to what was said. That doesn’t excuse the assault, just makes it understandable.

And some new tech for cyclists to make navigating streets a little easier. A Heads-Up Map Display for iPhone-Using Bicyclists I don’t see this as actually being useful unless and until they can provide extra power to keep the GPS app going full time and can weather proof (and sweat proof) the iPhone in some way. But as a first try, I give them props.

And that’s all I have for you today. I know, it’s weak.

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