A sparse Feed and not much to it

Now why couldn’t I get a Feed like this yesterday, when I needed it? There was an entire report this time out of the 4 I normally get that had nothing but wreck reports from motorcycle races. Sorry for your pain guys but there are other places for that than here. Also instead of my normal 4 reports I had only 2, when I should have had 3 this morning. I had one report that came in late last night that went onto the post I made just before 1AM local time, normally that would have been in today’s post, which still leaves me one short. And that one Feed report had mostly bicycle wrecks from outside North America, so people reading this on BikeJournal.com won’t have much to read. And if you want to find out why I posted to my blog at 1AM and didn’t make a post in the wrecks thread, well you will have to go to my blog and read the most recent 2 posts. 😛

Up first for no particular reason except something has to be first is a report on a wreck in OR where they caught the guy after he ran. Arrest made in hit-and-run that injured cyclist The charges read more like a laundry list:
* Felony Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver
* Assault in the Second Degree
* Reckless Driving
* Initiating a False Report
* Tampering with Physical Evidence
* Driving While Suspended (Misdemeanor)
* Speed Racing
One thing I don’t get is how they can charge with racing when they only suspect there might have been a second car, was he racing with himself? I have done time trial events back when I still drove a car, but they required timing equipment that the perp didn’t have…

Still in OR is the kind of wreck that drives me crazy. Cyclist injured seriously Tuesday on Ninth Street OR has a law that requires drivers to stop when there is someone in the crosswalk, so why wouldn’t you at least slow down a bunch when you see another vehicle stopped at a crosswalk? Are drivers really that self-centered? And why wasn’t the driver in this case cited for failure to yield to a crosswalk? Too many questions?

And another left cross wreck blamed on the cyclist rather than the driver that cut him off. Police report: Cyclist injured after rear ending car Another case of car-head bias on the part of the LEO.

Our first story from the UK, with typical levels of detail and things of interest. Cyclist, 12, injured in road crash Leg and head injuries, but the expect the little guy to fully recover. Get well soon, dude.

And from Scotland, where nothing is cr-r-r-rap (according to my daughter who is now living there) a wreck courtesy of the Beeb. Cyclist seriously hurt in crash I’m sorry but this is cr-r-r-rap!

And another case of worrying about the wrong thing… Target pavement cyclists, say MPs Yeah, I’m going to file this under “over-reacting” and just send the parties involved a case of camomile tea. Drivers kill more people on the sidewalks (pavements) in a week than cyclists do in a year, and the proportion of injuries is about the same, a little higher for cyclists than deaths because of the difference in mass and speed making bicycles just that much less fatal.

And that’s all I have for today, more non-cycling stuff later in the day.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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