Spelling it out: What am I posting about when I’m mentioning protocols

I was checking my blog stats again when I noticed a particular string being repeated looking for the hit-from-behind protocol on my blog. I never actually made that searchable because I never used the word “protocol” when I was describing the protocol. So now that I have used the word protocol several times to make this post findable by search engines:

1. Mirror(s), have ’em, use ’em
2. Split attention front and rear. Watch where you’re going, but keep aware of what is behind you, use ears as well as eyes.
3. Have an escape route to use when someone tries to hit you from behind or just wanders into your lane from behind you.
4. Be willing to use the escape route or to abandon your bike and let the bike take the hit and inflict as much damage to the car as possible.

1. Threats may come from any street and from any direction on those streets, so head up and locked.
2. Since you are dealing with multiple threats you need to keep that head on a swivel, and using mirrors to look both ways at the same time.
3. As with hit-from-behind you need to have an escape route for each potential threat. The escape route for right hooks and left crosses is the same, turn right to minimize angle of impact and reduce levels of impact energy transmitted to your body.

I hope this helps keep a few more cyclists alive.

Billed @$.02, Opus

2 responses to “Spelling it out: What am I posting about when I’m mentioning protocols

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