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The LA county DA wants (needs) to hear from you, and the Feed

Opening up with a strange request from the LA County DA’s office for cyclist input on the sentencing of TTTWLAMWAMD. You can use this link to get more information and a mailto link for the DA.

Clearing this one out of the queue early because of the heavy Flash content of the site is making my computer slower than I type and causing typos, a texting driver hits a cyclist and when they find him they also find thousands of dollars worth of drugs and other items. Police: Drug-Deal Text Lead To Crash The cyclist will pull through, but good luck on getting any compensation from the driver until after the prison sentence is completed…

Another bicycle wreck in AZ (are they sure they aren’t just FL without the beaches?) Woman killed in motorcycle-bike wreck identified From what I can find out about this one back-channel the cyclist was hearing impaired and went through a red light unable to hear the unmuffled motorcycle approaching. This was a case of not paying attention to surroundings, which in this case was fatal. Aside from not running red lights while you ride the best way to avoid a similar wreck is just to be alert, and don’t impair your hearing when you ride. for those reading that might be hearing-impaired, this means keeping that head moving and looking at more than just the road in front of you. This motorcycle was visible if the cyclist had just looked in that direction before entering the intersection.

And from one of my old stomping grounds in the far NW corner of WA, another Bike Ninja gets clobbered. Bellingham cyclist injured after slamming into side of truck Reflectors would not have helped in this wreck, the only thing that would have made this rider visible was lights. If you’re going to do the Bike Ninja thing, you have to behave as if you’re invisible. Or you could just buy lights and either keep them charged or keep spare batteries around for when the old ones die. I’m a big fan of big lights myself, click on the tag for the Honkin’ Huge Taillighttm to find out how to make one for yourself. I’m still working on the companion headlight, that is both cheap, energy efficient and powerful without glaring into oncoming road users. I have the low beam “seen by” light, still trying to find a good high beam “see by” light.

Austin area cyclists are annoyed that when things got tight they got banned “for their safety” from a road near the city. Cyclists oppose new road ban in Manor Construction on the road made sharing impossible at the speed limit, so instead of lowering the speed limit to a level that was safe (legal in TX) they just banned bicycles.

Philadelphia thinks they can license bicycles. Bike riders may have to sign up First of all, city bicycle licenses have never worked, second what about people from outside the city that ride their bikes in the city, third how young are they going to go on the license?

Finally an article from Bob Mionske on the violations of the civil rights of cyclists when they get injured by drivers of motor vehicles. Traffic Injustice What can I add to that?

That’s all I have today, more as I get it.

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