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More examples of craptacular stupidity, the Feed

I had a huge Feed to filter today, and almost nothing to show for it. In order to get as many actual wreck articles as possible the search parameters are a bit on the coarse side using NI (Natural Intelligence) to do the final selections, and today I got all kinds of garbage, including a sale at Canadian Tire on bicycles, a guy in a bicycle company with prostate cancer, people in Taiwan riding bicycles, and the last Buell motorcycle leaving the production line. Those were at least related to 2 wheel vehicles, but wait, there’s more! I also had articles on life cycles of animals, and consumer products, and climate cycles! To say your friendly neighborhood blogger is a little frazzled is not an overstatement. I will be so glad to finish work and read a few web comics today…

Up first because something has to be, and it’s close, is this report on the assault on a cyclist in Austin, who was shot with a pellet gun from a car. Police: Man charged with assault for shooting cyclist with pellet gun If you’re going to read the comments please post to Time4Change that he is not welcome to drive his car in Garland as he has not paid any Garland taxes to use our roads. Thanks in advance.

A crime of either great malice or great stupidity in MA. Cyclist in Natick dragging alive, condition unknown I can’t believe, refuse to believe, that someone could hit a cyclist, and then drive down the road for almost a quarter of a mile with the cyclist and his bicycle wedged under the car, turn a corner at an intersection, and not know there was something under the car. This person needs to never drive a car or operate a motor vehicle again ever in her life or get sent to prison if she does. And every time she does. If she acted out of malice, well then it’s assault with a deadly. If she didn’t know she was dragging a bicycle and its screaming rider under her car then she is just too stupid to safely operate a motor vehicle. Either way, she’s gotta go by something other than a motor vehicle. EDIT: I was checking the link and now they have posted a second picture of the wreck scene showing the drag marks where the driver made a right turn with the cyclist stuck under the car. You have to click the thumbnail to view the picture in detail.

Apparently the only thing this driver stopped for was to make sure she had hit the cyclists. 2 bicyclists injured in hit-run accident I couldn’t make up stuff like this, I don’t have that depraved of a mind. The driver stopped and asked if the cyclists were OK and when they said no then she left. This was at the very least assault with a deadly (in the bike lane), if not attempted murder. If they ever catch her at the very least she needs to be permanently banned from ever owning a motor vehicle ever again and also driving, or if caught she needs to be charged with illegal possession of a weapon. To avoid this kind of wreck I suggest a Desert Eagle, M1911, or similar large caliber handgun prominently displayed in ready grasp, and practice off-hand and weak-hand shooting to get as many rounds on-target as possible. The .45 ACP round was invented back in the 1920s to penetrate car bodies after it was found that the low-powered .38 rounds in use by police were stopped by the doors of Ford cars. There is a sabot round that will penetrate engine blocks and truck wheels, but I don’t know of a legal handgun that can fire it.

A cyclist is severely injured in SF CA. Cyclist Injured in Crash on the Wiggle The cyclist sustained multiple fractures. At this point it isn’t known who violated the right of way, just that someone did.

A bike is hit in Evanston IL. Police investigating bicycle accident Even though they don’t know anything about the wreck yet, the reporter managed to blame the cyclist for “weaving in and out of traffic”. >sigh<

More on Philadelphia politicos losing their minds about bicycles. Rise in Bicycle Accidents in Philadelphia is leading to more Bike Laws Really, over-react much in the city of brotherly love? They managed to find 3 pedestrian collisions with bicycles this year, and they pitch a bloody fit over it while ignoring the pedestrians killed weekly by cars and trucks. TANJ!

A reporter calls his outlet to task for failure to report a major bicycle event in their own back yard. GAUVIN: Media overlook Last Gasp charity bike ride, thus, human interest tales This might be why local newspapers are not faring well in these economic times.

And that’s all the bicycle news that ain’t racing for the day.

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