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Another potential Gigi public appearance, and the Feed

My friends(?) at the Dallas Winter Solstice celebration (SolstiCelebration) have asked if I can ride my bicycle as part of the opening festivities. I have already been asked to wear a penguin costume (Opus, the comic strip character) so I guess I’m supposed to ride Gigi indoors, surrounded by people, while I wear a penguin costume. This could get interesting. Well at least this time I was asked to come first, then Gigi was requested. Last time it was Gigi that was requested and since it was my bike I could ride it her.

Up first because it is a sign of the Apocalypse. Police charge woman in death of Va. Beach cyclist That’s right, a cyclist was killed and the driver wasn’t drunk, on a cell phone, texting, or otherwise distracted, and still charges were filed against the driver. I wonder what the end of the world will be like… The cyclist in this case was wearing a helmet and hi-visibility garb.

Another report on the drug-dealing driver that hit a cyclist while texting a drug deal negotiation. Personal Injury Accident Notice: Texting driver strikes cyclist in N.J. Lawyer blather, but the interesting thing in this wreck was now we know the cyclist was wearing some kind of body armor when hit besides the helmet and reflective vest. “She had been wearing protective gear and a reflective vest and helmet when she was struck by the car.” Still didn’t prevent broken bones but to be honest even being inside a car doesn’t prevent broken bones when you get hit by a car or truck.

This is the only time I like seeing someone get hit riding a bicycle. Bike thief struck by vehicle during getaway try, police say Unfortunately the thief will most likely survive his close encounter. But given the nature of the injury what little smarts he had will be long gone, so even if he doesn’t go to prison he will get to be housed in an institution.

CHP is trying to work out how the cop hit the cyclist (again?!) in San Diego. Police reenact crash that killed bicyclist in University City I’m willing to bet that if they do a good reenactment they will find the cop was at fault and/or speeding.

Another report on the City of Brotherly Love over-reacting to a statistical blip in bicycle/pedestrian wrecks. Council’s problematic bicycle crackdown For perspective, “The proposed fine for headphones ($300) is almost three times the fine for running a red light

And another report that just really chaps me off. Former Asheville firefighter pleads guilty in cyclist shooting He pleads guilty to trying to kill the cyclist with a gun, should have been attempted murder, and he gets, wait for it… 120 days in jail. Not years, not A year, not even a full 4 months. one hundred twenty days! I hope the DA can sleep with the knowledge of how badly he has dropped the ball on this case.

And thank the Lady Ghisallo, we are done with today’s article. Reminder unless there is breaking news of great import there will be no post for tomorrow. My sanity is more important than the weak Feeds I get on Sundays any way.

Billed @$.02, Opus