This just in, driver hits cyclist and dies, cyclist not seriously injured

Just in from CA, a driver hit a cyclist then a tree and died from the injuries at the scene. Driver Dies After Colliding with Bike The cyclist sustained minor injuries.

OK that raises the drivers killed by cyclists world wide total to 3.5, giving the tree half credit on the kill, and the US total is 1.5. The ratio is still 700 : 1.5, with almost all the drivers killed also killing the cyclists except for the guy that hit the tree. Either we need to figure out how to kill these homicidal drivers without having deceased cyclists go through the windshield (the “normal” way for a cyclist to kill a driver) or we need to figure out how to prevent drivers from killing cyclists. I vote for the latter, less dead people is always better than killing people that killed other people.

PSA Opus


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