My Christmas/Yule list, no bike wrecks

Yes, the first thing on my list this year is that I never have another bike wreck to write up in my blog, no dead or injured cyclists on the roads ever. And now that I have that out of the way I will turn to things that actually might happen in my lifetime, and things I could actually get.

Of the things Gigi and I need the most it’s a tossup between forward lighting and weather protection. Forward lighting allows me to indulge my tinkering gene, as I can use bits and pieces to make a nice bright light that doesn’t suck amps with LED technology. All I need is this LED mounted in this reflector and driven by this constant current driver to make a powerful spot light beam or 3 of these to get full brightness out of the light (and probably blind a few drivers). If I get the smaller single driver I will still get the same 2 hour burn I got with the old bulb that burned out (3W MR16) but much more light, because the LED chip is more efficient at the 3W current (lumens per watt). You might want to get this driver while you’re at it so I can try to repair the damaged MR16 bulb. waste not etc.

Fenders I want come from only one source, Planet Bike I need one 20″ rear and one 26″ rear to get both tires covered. Gigi has a 20″ front wheel but to keep water from getting thrown up in my face or on my feet I need more coverage than a front fender can provide. I have noticed water getting thrown forward gets blown into my face so a rather large portion of the front of the tire needs to be covered by the fender. I already have good quality rain gear, but it only works when the water comes from above, not below.

I also still need a computer that I can turn off when I’m not using it (the power supply on the computer I’m using only starts once in a blue moon but keeps running once it starts). I would really like a netbook so I could work at church (not during services, except when I’m using it for my notes for the service), or down the street at the coffee shop or at the library.

And pants, I need long pants. Mine keep falling off, and look goofy with all the waistband gathered up by the belt. I only have one pair that look decent, a pair of khaki jeans. I need a 36″ waist 30″ inseam (actually a 29″, but you can’t get 29″ inseam pants except from a tailor) I still have the custom shirt I had made a few years ago, with the 22″ collar and the 48″ chest, but I only have the one. And yes I know I’m harder than heck to fit, I have a very weird body, and that was before I got hit with a truck.

Aside from that, the usual, socks and underwear.

PSA, Opus

2 responses to “My Christmas/Yule list, no bike wrecks

  1. I sent the following e-mail to Anita Hasson of the Houston Chronicle about her dreadfully incomplete and error filled report on this wreck:

    Dear Anita,

    In your reporting of the tragic death of Frank Campbell, you say the group of cyclists were traveling north, the incompetent motorist was traveling east. If those two facts are accurate, then the cyclist who called out the warning would have said “car right” instead of what you reported.

    Which direction were the cyclists and the automobile operator going?

    Who missed this blatant error? You or your editor, or both?

    Google maps show that there was a stop sign for the incompetent automobile driver, is it still there? Why was this not mentioned in the story?

    If the cyclist was “thrown into the ditch”, it would appear from Google maps that he was thrown either about twenty five feet of eighty feet, depending on the direction of the killer. In such a violent collision, would any human be expected to survive whether a helmet was worn or not? Why was helmet use mentioned? Was the killer wearing a seatbelt? Was the killer texting at the time of the wreck? You thought it pertinent to note whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet, but you didn’t see fit to mention that the killer failed to obey a stop sign?

    I suppose you are not really a reporter at all, you are just a stenographer for the police’s public relations office. In these difficult times, perhaps you should give some thought on how to make your contribution to the paper a little more “value added” than re-writing someone’s press release.


  2. Chip if the car was traveling east it would have been coming from the west, which would have placed it to the left of a north-bound vehicle.


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