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From 2 days’ Feeds with mostly motorcycle wrecks

Well I just went through 2 days’ worth of the Feed, and most of it was motorcycle wrecks. While I feel really bad about people getting hurt and/or killed whatever way they manage to do it, motorcycles are not on the menu here at Witch on a Bicycle. So for 2 days we have exactly 108 links of bicycle-related things. Two of the links turned out to no longer connect to bicycle-related reports.

Up first because it’s the only USA link is a display of just how stupid the guy that proposed the registration of bicycles in Philadelphia really is, in his own words. The Bike Debate: It’s really all about safety Nowhere in that rambling waste of paper (originally posted in the print edition of the news) did he justify registration as a means of actually generating a safety function, the closest he did come was the statement “By requiring that every bike be registered, whether with the Police Department or the Parking Authority, it would create a point of contact to educate all bikers. But nowhere does he state how this education will take place, who will fund or how, or anything else. Also missing are practical points on just how the registration will be mounted and displayed so that people can see it and report it to the police given that bicycle design for the last 100 years or so has made no provision for such, unlike motor vehicle design which is required to have mounts for a standardized license plate.

More proof that lawyers have their morals and ethics removed in law school. Michael Bryant joins prestigious Toronto law firm For those with short memories, Bryant is the sewer scum that ran over a cyclist in the street and when the cyclist got up to discuss the matter used his car as a deadly weapon to smash the cyclist against trees, light poles, and a mailbox that was bolted to the sidewalk, all caught on several surveillance cameras from the initial hit through the final ride on the sidewalk against traffic. If you have need for legal advice I suggest never using the Ogilvy Renault law firm while you are in Ontario.

All I can say on this is the cyclist was either comatose while riding, or the sound of the ambulance siren echoing off nearby buildings gave the cyclist a false impression as to the location of the vehicle. Cyclist seriously injured in collision with ambulance Seriously, when you hear a siren for any emergency vehicle, don’t go until you know the vehicle is not in your area. I have been in urban areas when an emergency vehicle siren was in use and could not tell which direction the vehicle was coming from, and this happened both on foot and in a car (yes, I used to own and drive a car, look at my bio page). Since the consequences can be so dire, a little extra caution is in order. After all it isn’t just you that can be hurt, it’s also the person the emergency vehicle was dispatched for who could suffer as a result of the delay caused by your wreck.

And in jurisprudence news from Jolly Olde, a person that killed a cyclist (who was also a LEO) is charged with multiple offenses in the case. Charges over cyclist death of Jim Fleming on Amersham Road I don’t like for any cyclist to get hit, but I know that when a LEO is hit the driver is more likely to get hit with the hammer of Justice than if a mere citizen is hit.

And to show that anti-bike crazies are not just limited to our shores, London weighs in. Cyclists targeted as Westminster Council goes after ‘lycra louts’

Lots of news from Enn Zed as a stupid driver pleads guilty to hitting 4 cyclists after running a stop sign. Woman pleads guilty after injuring cyclists and Safety Message Repeated As Motorist Admits Injuring Cyclists and Share The Road I only hope that the driver gets a punishment commensurate with the seriousness of the assault with a deadly weapon.