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What is going on with Darcy Allan Shepard’s killer? And the Feed

I have been very frustrated in trying to find out the results of the court visit by former AG Michael Bryant this past Monday, Googling the name came up with nothing new at all. Can some of my Canadian readers shed some light (and maybe some links) on this situation. I have even been to the WordPress Blog on the case, and they don’t have anything new there either. I thought court proceedings were public records, but apparently public records in Ontario are not on the Internet.

Up first today is a report on the filing of a suit in the case of a cyclist killed. Wrongful death suit filed on behalf of cyclist killed in Beaumont If LEO would do their jobs then lawsuits would not be necessary in cases like these, the perps would be in jail instead of walking free and unencumbered by the law.

Charges are filed against a woman that killed a cyclist while DUI and awaiting trial on a previous DUI. Manslaughter charge in Palm Beach DUI bicyclist fatalityShe told the police she had ingested prescription medications including Xanax, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone.” Why is she still breathing? She tested positive for the narcotics and an illegal level of alcohol in her system, she should have been dying of respiratory shutdown unless she was an addict. If she was an addict then she should have never been released to probation after the previous DUI, and should have never been allowed access to a motor vehicle until her addictions were proven under control by a period of years without intoxicating substances in her body. In other words, she should have been medically disqualified from driving before she was driving down the shoulder of the road drunk and on drugs. Stuff like this just infuriates me almost (but not quite) beyond words.

Another report on the man arrested over the death of a UK LEO riding a bicycle to work. Man charged over The facts of the case are just so depressing, even with the limited information given by UK media.

No surprise to this blogger, 20 MPH speed limits reduce the number of people killed or injured by cars. 20mph speed zones cut road injuries by 40%, study says Well besides the increased amount of time that slower speeds give to react, when hit at 20 MPH the NHTSA has shown that only 5% of pedestrians and cyclists die, where at 30 MPH only 5% of cyclists and pedestrians walk away from the wreck (of the rest 50% die and 45% are hospitalized).

More from the debaters in that Spectator debate. Cyclists must stick to the rules of the road Yes that car drivers expect cyclists to obey the same rules of the road when the vehicles are so different is not reasonable, but them’s the breaks. Or to put it in more formal language, that is the situation with which we deal.

In Enn Zed, something is being done about cars hitting cyclists, I’m just not sure they’re doing the right things. New rules for Tamaki Dr after cyclists hurt Some of the things (like posting a sign for broken glass instead of just cleaning the mess) are just wastes of time and money to look like something is being done without actually taking care of a problem. Other things might actually do something about problems.

The residents of a SC island recognizes they have infrastructure issues. Lady’s Island cyclists need safer riding options Because some people can’t share they have to spend more money to make room for them? Why not just reduce the speed limit to a safe level?

A NY lawyer-to-be creates a blog that tells people what the real laws are in NY as opposed to the ones people make up in their minds. Bike Blawg: Post 1 The only problem is actually getting the people that need to, to read it.

Finally a report on bicycle commuting from Nova Scotia. Commute changes work, life perspectives on getting to and fro I know bicycle commuting changed my life, hoo boy did it change my life. Commuting by bicycle almost ended my life, but just because there was one stupid person on the roads that wanted to kill me because I wasn’t driving a car doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do it again, in fact the few times after the wreck I had work I did commute by bicycle.

Aannnd, that’s a wrap. I have things to do this afternoon and tonight, and bread to make tomorrow, but there will be a post tomorrow.

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