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Many updates, much stupidity, the Feed

Not much new today, but metric buttloads of updates and additional information about wrecks both recent and ancient. If I hadn’t been doing this for 500 blog posts here at Witch on a Bicycle I would be homicidal by now. I keep mentioning that my mind is “pre-exploded” as a joke, but I have a hard time keeping my equilibrium when reading comments sections to mine for additional information about wrecks.

Up first is another article on the cyclist hit while riding in the bike lane. Cyclist dies after being hit by SUV This is the guy that was hit and then the driver left dust getting away from the scene leaving a debris trail almost a quarter of a mile long from the bicycle trapped under her vehicle. I don’t know what should be done about this waste of skin, maybe crush her car with her strapped in it?

Another cyclist hit in the most dangerous state in the US to ride a bicycle. Bicyclist injured in Fort Myers crash (photo) The cyclist was riding on a sidewalk and was hit when he didn’t stop for a Don’t Walk signal. To avoid a similar wreck, either don’t ride on the sidewalk or follow traffic controls like a pedestrian when you are riding on the sidewalk.

A trial date has been set for the waste of skin that ran head on into a cyclist riding on the opposite side of the road. Judge orders trial for fatal DUI suspect I think the sub-head says just about everything important in this report. “Prosecutors say Marco Valencia had methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol in his system.” Maybe they should crush his car with him strapped in it, too? My wife says just lock him up and throw away the key because he has abused the privilege of living in society.

More about the victim of a bicycle/bus wreck in the UK. Tribute to cyclist who died after Birmingham city centre bus crash The picture of the victim shows a decent happy guy, the kind of person you wouldn’t mind having a pint with after a ride.

The guy that hit-and-run a cyclist in the UK continues to run, either to Turkey or Australia. Three wanted men sought overseas You know he’s guilty, innocent men don’t run.

Chilling testimony about a drunk driver’s consumption just before he ran over a cyclist. Cyclist’s death: Driver consumed 12 vodkas before driving Yeah, the defense is trying to cast doubt on the science here, but there’s no escaping the truth, the driver was schnockered, blitzed, wasted, (insert euphemism of your choice here) well beyond the legal limit of fun. I’ll let Maltese justice take its course here.

From Singapore, more about safe cycling there. Safe cycling in focus Funny that the same things are being said about cyclists there, and drivers also…”Motorists are frustrated with cyclists who road hog and switch lanes abruptly, often without regard for traffic behind them. The cyclists say motorists are impatient and often drive too close and too fast, especially when overtaking.

Another Veteran’s ride for wounded veterans. Veterans will bike 350 miles If you have a chance to support this effort Witch on a Bicycle says do it.

A DVD we are supposed to be getting a copy of to review here shortly is being shown as a regular movie. See Breedlove’s story at Stilwell I won’t say anything about it until I actually see it, but I am heartily in favor of seeing this movie and supporting the charity.

And that’s all today. Reminder that unless there is a major breaking story, like a certain “doctor” getting killed in prison, there will not be a report for tomorrow.

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