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I had a crappy Friday

Greetings netizens!

As you have already read in the headline I have had better Fridays. First off I had to go to the bike shop in Plano to buy Gigi 5 new spokes. She was a bad bump away from Pringling the back wheel. I had a bad brake drag and when I pulled the wheel to investigate I found the heads popped off the spokes that made the wheel badly out of true.

After I left the bike shop as I was getting to the road I heard some tires squealing and looked up to see a Ford Explorer SUV sideways on 2 wheels and getting more sideways, then it rolled over on to the driver’s side of the vehicle and also on the driver’s arm, which was removed and left on the pavement. As I was first on scene, I called 911 (the only number I can call on my cell phone), and as calmly as I could described the scene and situation to the operator. What was very frustrating is I was trained in how to treat a victim of this kind of situation but I couldn’t get to the victim because of the way the vehicle ended up resting on the driver’s side with the motor running and the engine still in gear. This prevented climbing up the bottom of the car, the lack of a roof rack prevented climbing the top of the car, and the windshield was too thick to kick through in the shoes I was wearing (I tried). So there I was watching this guy bleed and the only thing I could do was tell the 911 operator that I couldn’t get to the victim. I had the training, I had the equipment at hand, the only thing I didn’t have was access to the victim to treat the bleeding.

It was a very frustrating situation. I don’t know how else to describe it.

The other thing unusual about Friday was after I wrote out my statement to the police, I told them that this was not the worst wreck I had been at, I had been at or seen much worse wrecks, and described the 3 other wrecks I had seen/been in. The officer said that maybe he shouldn’t stand so close to me as having seen or been at or in so many wrecks was very unusual.

The new computer is coming soon, I have to transfer files from it to the church’s new computer, something that while I find it easy, some find it hard to transfer files from a winXP machine to an Ubuntu Linux machine running Wine ( the destination of the files). After I do that the old computer will get the memory from my dead computer, then get wiped clean and Ubuntu installed, and then I will be able to transfer my files from my old computer and be back in business here with the daily Feed and pithy comments.

PSA, Opus

The piano is sold

The piano in an earlier post is now at a new home. May its new owner be very happy.

PSA Opus

I’m not dead, but my computer is

OK I learned not to use the auto proof reader to spellcheck my posts while using the borrowed computer. Short synopsis of the lost post, my computer died, I will be getting a new one on 1/31/10, I will be meeting with the Garland City Council to discuss bicycles as a transportation alternative this month, our infrastrucxture sucks badly and not just if you want to ride a bicycle. Oh, and I’m not dead yet.

Billed @$.02, Opus