I know it’s late, but it’s still a Feed

Yeah, sorry about being so late tonight, but I had Real Lifetm that had to be dealt with first, including obligations to my church. You will live, which is more than I can say about some of the subjects of the Feed. So just count yourself lucky if the worst thing you have to face is not having my blog post ready to read when you think it should have been there.

Up first because I still can’t believe it. The LAPD will actually do the jobs they are paid to do. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck vows to better protect cyclists Stay with me here, even though 90% of this article was linked to yesterday, this one is slightly different and has more words. But the implication that until there was a protest in the rain that hitting a cyclist was OK but now that cyclists came and lined up at the microphone in front of people charged with regulating the budget of the LAPD, now they will enforce the law when someone does something illegal to a cyclist. The thing that makes this really annoying is that until this happened you couldhit a cyclist deliberately and nothing would come of it.

Another case of hit-and-run that became attempted murder. Man suspected of deliberate bicycle accident put in jail I mean, stop and think for a moment, had he deliberately rammed another motor vehicle, there would have been no question that it was an assault or attempted murder. But in this case the man was allowed to roam around freely for over 3 months before he was arrested. How many more people could he have killed or maimed in the interim? BTW this was another one of those kinds of wrecks that you might have been able to avoid by being Superman, with super hearing and super quick reflexes, but if you were Superman why would you be riding a bicycle? 😉

Here’s another one that makes you go “Hmmm…”Missoula man gets prison time for fleeing Reserve Street crash that killed cyclist He gets 3 years out of a 10 year prison sentence, not for killing the cyclist, that was just dandy. The sentence was for fleeing the scene. The implications again just floor me. The fact that the driver had pot in his blood at the time of his wreck and admitted being high, and had a previous wreck that killed a bystander, neither of which figured into the sentence, makes me slightly nauseous.

And this article is so full of omissions that I just can’t begin to name them all. Motorists and bicyclists – finding a happy median Yep only quoting the first part of the law and then ignoring the several paragraphs of exceptions that follow, and ignoring case law and substituting their own biases for facts in interpreting the parts they did put in…

That UK cyclist killed in a roundabout by a Lithuanian driving a white Mercedes semi has been named. Cyclist killed in crash with lorry named as Marc Dunk This was a terrible wreck, getting run over from behind by any kind of vehicle is every cyclist’s worst fear because these wrecks are so frequently fatal. BTW I didn’t find this out from any one article, UK media laws are very strict and I had to piece together bits of information from several articles on the same wreck to come to this conclusion. Unfortunately while I know how, I still don’t know the cyclist’s lane position yet so I can’t say if my standard hit-from-behind protocol would have helped. May the cyclist RIP.

More on the Julia Moore crash trial. Witness was first to speak to driver after fatal crash The more I read about Moore, the more disgusted of her I am. There was just no place for the cyclist to go to avoid this woman. Who expects a car to come through a red light after the cars have already started to go through in the other lane?

The father of a cyclist injured by a hit-and-run driver wonders how he got such a small fine. Dad calls for change to driving laws A £185 fine works out to be about $300US for a hit-and-run with injury. TANJ!

In South Africa where thousands of cyclists are preparing for the largest competitive cycling event in the world, discussion of why so many are getting killed or injured beforehand. Death on the roads My favorite line from the article: “[M]otorists bitch about cyclists riding abreast yet the cyclists who are killed are usually riding alone.

They finally named the cyclist found dead in a creek in Enn Zed. Woman killed in bike accident named See, this is why I say to have a form of ID that won’t fall out of your pocket in a wreck, why you should use the link in the bikejournal.com store to buy RoadID or just some dogtags from a local Army/Navy store.

This is another reason why I don’t think that changes are going to come soon. Cycling Safety Campaign On Hold The safety campaign got put on hold because they spent the money on something else instead. Saving lives is something they can do some other time.

Because so many of their bike lanes were built before standards were instated SF has many miles of bike lanes that place cyclists in the most dangerous place to be on the roads. Saving Life and Limb By Avoiding the Door Zone Good information in this article, read and remember what you read. You don’t want to fail the pop quiz, there won’t be any opportunity for a retest.

A benefit was held for the cyclist victim of a crash, who is now relearning how to walk. Benefit held for injured cyclist My injury wasn’t as severe as this lady’s, but here insurance is much better than mine and she’s getting much more rehab than I got. I say good for her, anyone hurt in a wreck deserves better treatment from their insurance than I got. If you’re in the area, drop a donation into the bucket for her, and don’t worry about me.

A recall notice on a cyclocross bike. Bicycles and framesets If you bought a 2010 Redline Conquest Pro bike or frameset, the carbon fork can separate from the aluminum steertube, leaving you with a faceplant situation if you’re lucky. This is similar to what happened to Hincapie in the Paris-Roubaix a few years back.

And people were racing my favorite kind of bicycle in Florida’s sunny climes last weekend. Recumbent bikes flash speed on velodrome Lots of fun was had, you should be there next year, you don’t need a recumbent, just a bike or trike and a helmet.

And that’s all I have tonight. Come back in the morning for more.

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