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Sorry about the late post, been busy today

I had things to do today, and with the computer still acting up for some reason I couldn’t get a post even started before I would have to go do something else and the computer would go into screensaver and lock up again. So I have to do the have only three windows open at any one time routine and compose a post without getting interrupted. Here goes, wish me luck.

Up first for no good reason is proof positive that mandatory helmet laws are just “feel good” measures, not actual safety measures. J/K Minnesota Visitor Dies After Maui Bike Tour Actually it’s a reminder that even if you do wear a helmet and wear it properly you still might get hurt if you do something stupid, or otherwise exceed the limitations of the helmet. At this point I don’t know what happened except that the women somehow was separated from her bike and hit the pavement, hard. When I know something about the wreck and how to avoid it, I’ll let you know.

In VA a cyclist apparently runs a stop sign and hits a semi, video included in the article was a little extreme when I looked at it, it might have been edited now. Crash kills bicycle rider on U.S. 460 There was some speculation that the crash might have been weather-related, but as of this posting nothing has been confirmed either way about the cause of the wreck.

In what has to be one of the most egregious cases of hit-and-run in California history, a bus runs over a cyclist that had already been hit once, then despite protests from passengers the driver leaves the scene. Muni bus runs over bike, operator refuses to stop I don’t know what the driver was thinking, but in my book this was the behaviour of a sociopath. Several sociopaths actually because nobody has arrested him yet.

More on that cyclist hit by a truck, they are still saying the cyclist turned into the truck for some reason instead of saying the cyclist was sideswiped by a semi and lived (so far anyway). Injured bicyclist still in ICU I’m still trying to figure this one out, because if the vehicles were where the initial report said they were and the cyclist thought the truck was going right instead of straight, then the cyclist should have completely missed the truck. The truck goes straight, the cyclist goes straight or slightly to the left to clear the truck making a wide turn, and everybody is fine…

More on the continuing story of the previously unidentified cyclist in NH. Police identify Portsmouth bicyclist found with serious head injuries and Injured cyclist ID’d, was resuscitated on scene I don’t see how he could have been so seriously injured without hitting a motor vehicle, but at this point authorities are still not convinced that this was a hit-and-run.

More on the governor that got in a wreck and busted some ribs. Spokesman says Colorado Governor Bill Ritter ‘laughing and joking’ after bike crash and Governor Could Be In Hospital Several Days I don’t know where they pulled that statistic from that cyclists not wearing helmets are 17 times more likely to be involved in a wreck. With numbers like that you would think the Netherlands would be awash in injured cyclists as almost nobody wears a helmet while cycling in Holland, but their wreck rate is much lower than in the US and their fatality rate is even lower yet.

Another aftermath story, from the driver’s point of view. ‘Make sure the roads are safe for everybody’ The driver may suffer from nightmares, but the cyclist is dead and his surviving relatives have lost his comfort.

More aftermath from the CA/NV border. Honoring the Jim Rogers’ memory: Heartfelt thanks for love and support I remember posting about this wreck right after it happened, but to be honest I can’t recall a thing about the wreck.

Moving across the pond to Jolly Olde we find that a cyclist killed during a race was riding fast and that his team kit was not HiVis Lime Green. Answers at last! and from the Beebe Cyclist was travelling ‘at speed’ I find it remarkable that everyone could see this cyclist except for the guy behind the wheel of the vehicle that killed him. I guess he was DWS.

In the soap opera of a trial in the UK where the driver ran a red that had been red for several seconds, she says “Unh-uhhh!” Julia Moore denies jumping red light before accident which killed Greg Dear and Traffic light was green before accident which killed Greg Dear says witness I don’t know if this second article supports or denies the driver’s claim, as the article never quite makes it clear in whose direction the light was green for. I guess that since the witness was looking over the cyclist’s back at the traffic light, she was talking about the light turning green in the cyclist’s direction.

A typical UK wreck report with mandated levels of detail or lack thereof. Clitheroe cyclist (56) critically injured in accident – police witness appeal As always if you saw the wreck or immediately before the wreck, contact the number in the article to give your report.

Another appeal for witnesses after a wreck in the UK. Did you see fatal crash? Samey samey as the previous article, you saw something, call the number in the article.

In Oz a cyclist who had a nasty prang with a parked car, is understandably uneasy about having a second go at it. Cyclist afraid to tackle Beach Rd The problem appears to be drivers pulling out without looking and causing bicyclists to have wrecks and suffer severe and/or painful injuries.

Still in Oz, traffic counts for cyclists are making huge jumps in recent years. Number of peak-hour cyclists soar I don’t know what to say except that as the traffic counts go up the number of bike wrecks has not gone up by the same degree, not even close. So as the numbers of cyclists increase the probability of being in a wreck is going down, just like it has in every study done on the subject.

A new driver falls asleep at the wheel and kills a cyclist, but in a case of justice gone mild only gets 3 years in jail. P-plater jailed for three years

A wreck in the Phillipines. Biker killed in Maharlika Highway accident You have to give those semis lots of room, especially in third-world countries.

Infrastructure issues in VA. Pedestrian Deaths in Florida more than Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia Combined The article compares one VA city with the worst of the FL cities and finds similar infrastructure problems, but lower bike and ped traffic.

bicycle advocates in CA are concerned that fines for cycling while using a cell phone are exactly the same as driving while using a cell phone. Advocates Concerned That Cyclists Are Included in Distracted Driving Bill While I think that cyclists need to be included in the bill, making the fine the same ignores the physical differences that make bicycles less dangerous than motor vehicles, like mass and velocity.

That’s all for the moment, more tomorrow.

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