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If the cops paid this much attention to when cars hit us…

There was a very annoying batch of reports in the Feed this morning, moreso than the usual car-head reporting I normally see. I’m saving that wreck for the end. Aside from that I had a very nice Feed this morning, still low wreck, lots of people going to jail for previous wrecks, that kind of stuff.

Up first because it’s somewhat good news, the driver that did a hit-and-run on a cyclist Monday was caught. Man arrested in hit-and-run that injured cyclist in Va. Beach Let me break down those charges for you: unauthorized use of a motor vehicle“, that’s cop for driving a stolen car, “hit-and-run” well you don’t need that interpreted, “driving after having been adjudicated as a habitual offender” he lost all driving privileges after getting too many tickets. So, basically this was a man that had no business being behind the wheel of the vehicle he was driving on several levels, and when he hit the cyclist he ran like a little coward.

Door prize in NYC. Bronx bicyclist who swerved to miss car door is hit, killed by city bus and Cyclist Killed by Bus After Swerving to Dodge Car Door When bike lanes are in the door zone this will happen, over and over again, but my offline sources tell me this was not the case on this wreck, the bike lane the woman was riding in was offset to clear the door zone and the Toyota was double parked partially in the bike lane. I have no way to confirm or deny this so I will just put it out as that was what some people told me.

What appears to be a single-vehicle bicycle wreck. Injured cyclist found by sheriff’s department late Wednesday There was so little information given that I can’t even tell you if the man was riding on a paved trail, gravel, or a mountain bike trail.

More on the waste of human skin that hit 2 cyclists while drunk almost 2 years ago pleading guilty to killing the female cyclist she hit. Racine Co. Woman Convicted Of Fatal OWI Crash Like I posted yesterday, I hope they give her the maximum sentence, plus add on a few years for the charges the prosecution tried to drop in the plea bargain.

A kid on a bike violates the right of way of a city bus and pays for it. Northampton Street accident involving LANTA bus is fatal for young man on bicycle – UPDATE and Northampton County coroner identifies teen struck and killed by LANTA bus – UPDATE Tell your kids to approach intersections with care so that large vehicles with long stopping distances do not make road pizza out of you. This was entirely the kid’s fault. I don’t know if there was a stop sign or light that the kid ran or just that he popped out of the end of an alley.

All I know about this wreck is the driver was at fault and there was a loose kid in the car. Cyclist struck by car, killed What you wanna bet that the fine for the loose kid is higher than the fine for killing a cyclist?

Another report on the cyclist in Oz killed by a dump truck. Cyclist killed in Hawthorn I have been given a report by a local that the bike lane is in the door zone and directly led to this wreck, though the immediate cause was the driver that opened his door without looking.

Finally the report on a cyclist that hit a pedestrian and remained at the scene to render aid. NYPD Commissioner Kelly attends to seriously injured woman on St. Patrick’s Day parade route and Commissioner Kelly comes to aid of injured woman OK 2 questions: Why was the rider cited for no lights/reflectors? From what I have read of this wreck it took place in the daytime when lights and reflectors are not legally required. Second question did the bike have no brakes or just not what the officer recognized as brakes i.e. was the cyclist riding a fixie?

And that’s all I have for today. I’m going out for dinner with my charming wife tonight, so don’t expect anything getting updated tonight.

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