What a wretched mess, the Feed

I hope you’ll pardon the florid language of the headline, but I did use to be a poet before the wreck and I still like to turn the artistic phrase now and then. I drive the proofreader crazy with my sentence construction sometimes, but hang in there, it will all make sense in the end.

Speaking of making sense, it wasn’t until I read the article that I could make sense of the headline for this report. Bicyclist collides with student leaving Spanish Springs High and is seriously injured From the headline you would think that the cyclist hit a pedestrian leaving the school and was at fault, but when you get down into the meat of the article you find the student was driving his car leaving the parking lot and violated the cyclist’s right of way causing the cyclist to hit the car. This is an example of bias in the media.

Down the road a bit from WoaB World Headquarters there was a wreck just north of Waco. Man hit by car, smashes into windshield Not enough details in this report to say what happened beyond the collision and the parts of the car the cyclist damaged with his body.

Updating a wreck reported on here earlier in the week, the driver was on 3 different prescription narcotics when he hit a cyclist from behind. Largo man charged with DUI in accident that injured bicyclist As reported in the article, the man had just been released from jail on burglary charges when he hit the cyclist. In my book that makes the guy a sociopath, but I’m not qualified to diagnose mental illness… As for what you can do to avoid the same situation, all I can suggest is to click on the page link at the top of my blog for accident avoidance protocols and read.

A wreck that was the fault of the deceased cyclist but became a criminal case after the driver left the scene. Police look for truck in crash that killed bicyclist and Deadly Hit & Run Note to drivers, STAY AT THE SCENE OF A WRECK! If the driver had remained at the scene this would have been a not-at-fault wreck, but since he (?) left this now becomes a felony case of hit-and-run. He went from something that might have caused his insurance to go up a couple of bucks a year for a couple of years to facing prison time.

Another Mensa candidate fails the test in CT. Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run The driver was found removing his expensive rims from his car prior to it being towed, so I can’t say he was too stupid. He did recognize that his rims would have been stolen from the impound lot so why not take them off first. Now if only he had been so forward-looking before the wreck, there might not have been a wreck.

Another hit-from-behind wreck in MI. Cyclist killed in Monroe County I’m not sure of the type of road on this one, the comments imply that this was a limited access highway that was prohibited to bicycles even though that was not mentioned in the article. What was obvious was the driver did not expect to find a bicycle in front of him, and regardless of the amount of lighting the cyclist did or did not have the driver did not see the cyclist in time to avoid hitting him. That’s why I have the Honkin’ Huge Taillighttm, so that I can be seen as something that would hurt the other vehicle should I get hit. That makes drivers avoid me at night.

Update on the kid that ran into a LANTA bus: the bike was brand-new and the brakes didn’t work. Police checking bike’s brakes It appears the bike was prepped for stunts, not for street riding, or the bike was just not assembled properly at the store. If this was a BSO from a big-box retailer then it could have been just pulled from the box it was shipped from China in and placed on the sales floor without adjustments.

A very drunk driver in Oz awaits his fate. Driver awaits judges ruling I’m sorry but a .12 BAC is Very Drunk, not “mid-range“. The driver deserves a long stretch in the slammer after killing a cyclist. He was still at .12 after sleeping for at least 8 hours since his last drink, can you imagine how sloshed he must have been when he left the party?

More on the person who was killed in the NYC door prize wreck earlier this week. Bronx ‘Mother Teresa’ Megan Charlop, biker killed by city bus, ‘sought to do good’

More on the TK incident. Lance Armstrong angered by Tony Kornheiser’s comments on bikers Substitute the words “Jews” or Black people” for “cyclists” and TK would be under the jail, or on his way to Gitmo. Instead he gets to keep his cushy job without even the 2 weeks suspension he got for insulting a female co-worker’s fashion sense. TANJ!

Costa Rican cyclists call for stricter penalties against drunk drivers after one gets a 3 month sentence for killing a cyclist standing off the side of the road. Vigilia de la Vergüenza Proposes To Shame Costa Rican Legislators To Get Tough On Drunk Drivers If the units of measurement are the same for the Costa Rican DUI law, they have some mighty tough drunks down there. “ Also, legislators voted that 0.75 would the legal limit for violation of the drinking and driving law, from 0.50.” In the US drunk driving in most states is .08% BAC. Death occurs somewhere around .3% but extremely tolerant individuals have tested near 1% and survived. Having looked in Wikipedia, Costa Rica’s standards translate into a .05% BAC currently being used.

The most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike thinks advertising that hitting cyclists and pedestrians is bad might reduce the CARnage. Team zMotion Launches Florida Bicycle Safety Advocacy & Education Effort Well, if you have 20 years or so to wait for results like they did with MADD, advertising will eventually work. Or you could just have a zero tolerance law that takes cars and licenses away permanently when you have an at-fault wreck that kills a cyclist or pedestrian, with lesser prohibitions for just injuring a cyclist or pedestrian. My take? If you kill someone while DUI you lose your driving privileges forever, and for your next life, too. You’re walking or riding a bike until the heat death of the universe… Of course this assumes that there is some reliable way to determine who a person was in a prior lifetime, and that souls are unitary after death and not divied up into multiple bodies during reincarnation, and that I’m actually being serious about that part of the punishments.

And final story today, the Feds have decided that cars are not the be-all and end-all of transportation, bicycles and pedestrians are equal and should get equal consideration. Feds Deem Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists Equals I wonder if that will result in equal space and funding for bike/ped projects, or just cosmetic touches that make cyclists and pedestrians feel like their needs are being met with most of the money still going to cars and trucks.

And that’s the Feed today, see you on Monday.

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