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This is not a gossip column

This is not a gossip column but a (A-list, B-list?) star did cause a wreck this week. The only reason it makes it into this blog was the person this “star” had the wreck with was riding a bicycle. My life is “ehh” this week as I get a ticket that I’m supposed to appear in court over just 2 days before my court date. Way to go City of Garland!

And up first is the “star” that hit a cyclist on his way to school. ‘Seinfeld’ actor hits cyclist, 14 and ‘Seinfeld’ Star In Car vs. Bike Collision We know nothing about the wreck other than an approximate location at this point, as celebrity reporting tends to focus on the celebrities rather than their victims when they have traffic wrecks.

In Quebec they had another wreck where an off-street bike path becomes an on-street bike lane. Another cyclist struck on Sussex Drive We covered the wreck mentioned in the article last year, and also the follow up articles that showed that bad infrastructure design created a blind spot for drivers right where cyclists had to join the road from the off-street path, and that a lack of a curb cut caused cyclists to be basically motionless right where the path dumped them in the street in the path of oncoming traffic, that couldn’t see them. I don’t blame the driver on this one, as he/she was set up to fail. BTW don’t read the comments on this article, while many of the posters are aware of how roads are paid for and the rules of the roads (the majority of those were cyclists, imagine that) there were enough car-heads that think because they paid registration and gas tax they owned the roads to cause brain explosions. Mine is pre-exploded, so nothing risked there.

In Jolly Olde, breaking your neck is not considered a serious injury. Cyclist injured in collision with car He hit a Peugeot BTW.

In Bahrain the surviving cyclist of a pair hit in an intersection was released from hospital care. Injured cyclist leaves hospital His cycling companion was still being held pending paperwork for taking his body back to his home country.

Legal aftermath of bike wrecks, this one in AZ. Family drops OV, Marana from El Tour rider lawsuit Not going to comment on suing the employer of the guy directing traffic instead of the guy that hit and left the scene…

And a wreck where bad infrastructure design and a city vehicle passing a bike leads to a dead cyclist also leads to some soul-searching in city government. City responds to W. Main Street death of UVA bicyclist Just kidding, city governments don’t have souls to search. They’re just looking to shift the blame and costs away from the city.

And that’s everything today. Still keeping an eye on the Pogan trial, nothing right now.

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