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Three days’ worth of Feed, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

Well after the previous post, writing about people getting killed and injured while riding their bicycles will be something of a relief, at least it will get my mind off Gigi. I don’t particularly like this situation, but the cards have been dealt and I must play this hand.

Up first because something has to be, we have a left cross in La Jolla (LA HOY ya) California. Bicyclist injured in collision on Pearl Street in La Jolla Buncha witnesses, injured cyclist. cameras everywhere, and the driver still walks. TANJ! Again the wreck was not avoidable because of the speed of the car moving into the cyclist’s path. Cyclist knocked unconscious and injured his shoulder but with any luck he should be up and going in a few days. Not so sure about his bicycle…

Near to home (in the same state of the US at any rate) a cyclist is T-boned by a SUV. Bicyclist struck by car, injured I can’t see any damage to the back half of the bike So I assume the impact was to the front of the bike. Since the bike was on a main road and the SUV was on a side street and the driver was cited for violating the cyclist’s right of way I think it is safe to assume the SUV ran a traffic control device, either a stop sign or a signal light. Looking at the Google Street View of the location the driver ran a stop sign.

In a story out of Chicago, assaulting a cyclist with a deadly weapon is only worth 21 days in jail. Driver gets jail for running down cyclist Yes, 42 days with good time equates to 7 weekends in jail. She will be through with her sentence before summer is over. As for how to avoid? Dunno, assaults are by design hard to avoid. Perhaps you could carry a really Big Gun, but weight wienies would blanch at that after spending thousands to take a few ounces off their bikes then to load up with a 3-4 pound handgun. Perhaps someone could “accidentally” run over this woman as she leaves jail for the last time, or save the people some money and run her over as she comes to jail for the first time. Then we don’t have to feed her and keep her warm/cool and hydrated.

A pedestrian is hit by a cyclist in Boulder CO. Boulder cyclist seriously injured in crash with pedestrian Notice that the cyclist was seriously injured, not the pedestrian. Had this been a motor vehicle wreck, they would have hosed off the front of the car and said “too bad” to the pedestrian. But in this wreck the operator of the vehicle (bicycle) was injured and the pedestrian essentially walked away. This illustrates the essential human-friendliness of the bicycle when motor vehicles are not involved. There is some question about this wreck if the pedestrian violated the right of way of the cyclist or the cyclist violated the right of way of the pedestrian. Don’t hit the pedestrians, for the most part they are on our side in the conflict with motor vehicles.

In LA people will kill you for your bicycle. L.A. police search for violent bicycle thieves Short of swapping Kevlar for your Spandex I don’t know what you can do about something like this. I do know that a U-lock to the face is a very effective deterrent against a bike thief and can really mess up their aim if they decide to shoot at you, but it won’t stop a bullet.

In a case of better late than never a cyclist killed in 1999 gets a Ghost Bike. Cyclist killed on Highway 90 honored in time trial, ‘ghost bike’ I must say for a Ghost Bike not in a city this is one of the nicest ones I have seen.

Moving to the Great White North, a cyclist is injured in a pinball wreck of two cars. Cyclist, driver injured in Gatineau collision The frustrating part? the guy that caused the wreck by turning left into oncoming traffic was uninjured, the 2 innocent parties to this wreck went to the hospital with head and other injuries.

A sad update on the cyclist that overcooked a corner and slid into an oncoming car. Cyclist, 36, killed in crash You have to control your speed when riding on roads that are not closed to motor vehicles. This rider didn’t and paid the ultimate price for her mistakes.

On the other side of the Pond, a 12YO cyclist is injured by a bus in Scotland. Cyclist, 12, injured in Lochwinnoch bus crash and Cyclist, 12, injured in crash with bus What is astounding about this wreck was that there was a passenger on the bus that was also injured in the collision. Otherwise this is a typical Uk wreck report, long on details but short on facts.

OH cyclists are upset that rumble strips will be installed on shoulders of popular cycling routes. VIDEO: Plan for rumble strips puts cyclists at risk, some say I have to dsay looking at the installed devices they don’t allow much margin for error on the part of cyclists. I mean they are being installed because drivers can’t seem to keep their cars inside 9-14 foot lanes without audible indication of wandering, but cyclists are expected to navigate a space that is less than 3 feet wide and in actuality only allows about 6″ of space to either side before the cyclist hangs over the edge of the road either into posts on the outside of the road or vehicles on the roads proper. FYI these have the same spec as strips that caused three bicycle crashes in NY state last year.

And that’s the mess since Friday. More tomorrow, and an update on Gigi.

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Gigi is missing

This has been a rough weekend for me. I was up past 5:30 AM Saturday baking bread for the Magical Bazaar, out until 10PM Saturday with the Bazaar and Beltaine services, Up again for 11:00 services Sunday suffering from major pollen overdose to dance the Maypole, stood by my students for their Excellence in Ritual graduation after services on Sunday, planned a ritual again that has to go on in 2 weeks. and finally rolled home after 3PM and collapsed into bed with severe allergy symptoms after taking another antihistamine. I checked the trip meter reading about 6 PM for logging my miles in BikeJournal.com and had dinner, watched the drag races on TV and then went out to put Gigi in the garage, and no Gigi.

I know I should have put Gigi away as soon as I got home, or when I checked the trip meter reading to log my miles, but I didn’t. That is not the same as inviting someone to take my bicycle from out of my property. I know the person that took Gigi doesn’t read my blog, in fact I doubt the person that took Gigi even reads anything, but I address the person who took Gigi with this curse: Whatever you took Gigi for will avail you not for eternity unless and until you bring Gigi back. Drugs will not get you high, alcohol will not get you drunk, toys and gadgets will not work and money will flow from your hands like water leaving you with nothing remaining. Bring back Gigi and I will lift the curse. Otherwise …

By the Lady Ghisallo and Lord Hephastis I pronounce this curse.