Gigi is missing

This has been a rough weekend for me. I was up past 5:30 AM Saturday baking bread for the Magical Bazaar, out until 10PM Saturday with the Bazaar and Beltaine services, Up again for 11:00 services Sunday suffering from major pollen overdose to dance the Maypole, stood by my students for their Excellence in Ritual graduation after services on Sunday, planned a ritual again that has to go on in 2 weeks. and finally rolled home after 3PM and collapsed into bed with severe allergy symptoms after taking another antihistamine. I checked the trip meter reading about 6 PM for logging my miles in and had dinner, watched the drag races on TV and then went out to put Gigi in the garage, and no Gigi.

I know I should have put Gigi away as soon as I got home, or when I checked the trip meter reading to log my miles, but I didn’t. That is not the same as inviting someone to take my bicycle from out of my property. I know the person that took Gigi doesn’t read my blog, in fact I doubt the person that took Gigi even reads anything, but I address the person who took Gigi with this curse: Whatever you took Gigi for will avail you not for eternity unless and until you bring Gigi back. Drugs will not get you high, alcohol will not get you drunk, toys and gadgets will not work and money will flow from your hands like water leaving you with nothing remaining. Bring back Gigi and I will lift the curse. Otherwise …

By the Lady Ghisallo and Lord Hephastis I pronounce this curse.


2 responses to “Gigi is missing

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