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A crazy Feed

Yes today’s Feed is a little schizophrenic, but not your blog poster… I think.

Up first because I still can’t wrap my head around why things like this happen, another cyclist is killed by a train. Man riding bicycle killed by train in Tampa OK they’re big, loud, and most important of all, the only place you can get hit by a train is crossing railroad tracks. Most of the places where roads and streets cross railroads there is some kind of warning device that activates when a train is coming, there were flashing lights and crossing bars at this wreck and they were working, SO WHY DID THE CYCLIST CROSS IN FRONT OF A TRAIN?!? We’re not talking rocket science here, just simple life rules: “Don’t cross the railroad tracks when there is a train coming, when the crossing bars come down and the lights flash there is a train coming.” Obviously that guy didn’t read my blog, because how many times a year do I get a chance to harp on this subject?

What appears to be a simple wreck turns into a felony charge when the driver leaves the wreck before police arrive. Cyclist injured in Loop crash with taxi See, this is why you stay at the scene if someone is injured even when you’re not at fault. It isn’t clear from this report that the driver was not at fault, the cyclist may have struck the taxi because the taxi cut him off leaving the cyclist with no other place to go, like in a right hook crash. But at any rate leaving the scene made it a felony.

From Jolly Olde, more on the sentencing (maybe that should be in quotes?) of the plumber that went on the wrong side of the road and killed a cyclist. Partner’s anger as death crash driver walks free TANJ!

Another case of UK “justice” for cyclists. Driver who killed woman cyclist sentenced to community service Why even have a law if it’s not going to be enforced? “Kill a cyclist, do community service for a few hours” makes for a lousy bumper sticker, and an even worse legal system.


From MS comes the most logical but at the same time least sensical statement ever seen on this blog. Share the Road Did you catch it in the article? ““Everybody’s got to use caution because it’s not easy to stop a vehicle with the weight of a vehicle,” said Madison Police Chief Gene Waldrop.” Um Chief, bicycles are vehicles in MS, too. So vehicles are hard to stop because of their weight, and bicycles are vehicles so therefore bicycles are hard to stop, too. Well compared to a person walking, yes.

IN NYC everybody wants you on your bike because it’s actually semi-safe now. With Cycling Injuries Down, John Leguizamo Wants You to Bike With proper infrastructure in place to get more people on bicycles, you get less car traffic and less congestion, noise, and pollution. It’s a win-win-win situation! Add in a healthier population and you make that 4 “wins”.

Another helmet-centric “safety” article. Safety First Yeah, those broken helmets are ones that failed in use, not ones that saved lives. The blood-stained ones? Unless that blood came from someplace on the face or head that was not covered by the helmet that helmet failed in service, too. That’s the problem with people on an agenda, they take any case where someone uses a helmet and lives through a wreck as “proof” that the helmet was the only reason the person survived. I survived my wreck because my impacts were inside the envelope of protection the helmet was designed for and the helmet performed as designed by crushing and taking the energy instead of my skull and brain, and I still had enough brain damage to lose 1/3 of my IQ points. I can still do abstract reasoning, but my verbal abilities are nothing like they were before the wreck.

Do something fun this weekend, and if you can’t ride you can watch others riding and cheer them on. Safe cycling ahead

And that’s the Feed for today, now go ride your bike. Do it for Gigi.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


Replacing Gigi

This is a very hard post for me to make, because it pretty much assumes that the police will never recover Gigi, and I don’t want to give up hope. But I have to come up with a replacement value for Gigi if I walked into a bike store and bought everything so that I could ride out with the functional equivalent of Gigi.

First of all is the bare bike. Just getting the cheapest of the RANS crank forwards I would get the current model Fusion @$1100. Then I would need a rack @$225 and panniers @$190. Lights would add a ton to the price, because the lights I built are just way beyond what you get at most bike stores, say another $200 or so, and you still wouldn’t get as nice a setup as I built for Gigi with headlights and taillight that all work off a common switch, with high and low beams. Add a bike computer for about $30, spare tubes, tools, locks, and a kickstand and on the hoof we’re looking at more than $1700 easy to functionally replace Gigi. Replacing Gigi’s style and function, well that would add even more $$, maybe $2000 to come close.

But it still wouldn’t be Gigi, it wouldn’t talk to me late at night on the way home from Full Moon services. It wouldn’t call me names when I was slow pedalling up a steep hill or pushing against a strong headwind. It would just be a bike that I had bought, with whatever “soul” it would get from being mass-assembled in shipping container lots.

PSA, Opus