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Skimpy Feed, then out to finish mowing the lawn

In spite of personal crisis, life goes on at WoaB. After today’s post I have to finish mowing the lawn. For some reason I can’t type the word “lawn” in the first try, I type in “laws” and have to go back and correct it. Mowing the laws? Subconscious desire to simplify the legal code? or just reflex from doing this blog for so long? The world may never know, or care for that matter.

Up first because I only have the one story from the US, a cyclist is killed on the same stretch of road that another vehicle had a wreck on. Bike Rider Killed On Snyder Township Road Not much to go on in this report, it was obviously a left cross and also obviously the fault of the motor vehicle operator. The motor vehicle operator obviously lied about the wreck “the glare of the sun blinded him to the oncoming bicycle” when driving North? I’m sorry but if the sun coming through your side window blinds you then you’re guilty of DWS and deserve to lose your license. There are these things called sunvisors that are usually stored against the headliner next to the windshield, that have pivots that allow them to be swung to the side to block the sun from coming into the side window if that is a problem. Or you could just close your left eye and still use your right eye to see a man on a bicycle in the road in front of you and not turn until he passes you. Too stupid to drive, guilty!

From the UK some good news for a change. Driver jailed over road rage murder The driver that killed a cyclist for getting hit with the passenger side mirror on his car has been found guilty and sentenced to life in prison after using his vehicle as a weapon. He won’t be eligible for parole for at least 13 years and will be banned for life from using motor vehicles. The idiot got all bent out of shape because the cyclist damaged his car and then used the car as a weapon to kill the cyclist, causing further damage, very smart. Hopefully he will be kept in lockup for the rest of his life so that those of us using the roads will have one less homicidal idiot to worry about.

And that’s the Feed for today. I’ll see you again come Monday, happy day to all you Mothers out there.

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