After recovering from yesterday’s blogging marathon, a much smaller Feed

Well, yesterday I ended up spending over 9 hours in front of the keyboard cursing the computer and my fumble fingers trying to make a coherent blog post. I’m still not sure if I succeeded in that endeavour, but onward and upward.

My first link is from very close to my home, from the BikeFriendly Denton blog about an assault from a motor vehicle on some cyclists that ended up pretty good, considering. Denton high school students assault cyclists, get caught I couldn’t be as magnanimous if it had been me instead of them.

A similar assault with a very different outcome. Cyclist injured by cup of ice pitched by motorist This could have been deadly, as demonstrated in a recent Mythbusters episode. A cup of ice thrown from a car moving at 60 MPH generates over 1000 pounds of force against a stationary target, and cyclists are not stationary but might be moving at speeds of as much as 20 MPH alone or 25 MPH in a group, making the cup vector up to 85 MPH from the cyclists’ reference. That could be deadly even before the cyclist falls off the bike.

Another update on the multiple bicycle wreck in Quebec. Rougemont cyciing victim widower calls driver ‘road terrorist’ I hate to break it to the widower, but if this had happened in TX the cyclists would have been cited for impeding traffic, especially if this wreck had happened near Ennis.

And that’s all I have today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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