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I am missing the RoS, and the Feed

Well transportation difficulties made me miss the Ride of Silence, the ride started about 10 minutes before I could get home to pick up my bike to get back on the train to go to the Mother Ride. So, no ride for me this year, which leaves me seriously bummed. On the up side, with the non-attainment area for ozone compliance being expanded last year the area I live in has suddenly become a major access point to the Veloweb, a local highway system for bicycles for serious transportation use. We’re not talking linear parks with MUPs with this but roads and sidewalks for serious transportation to work, shopping, and entertainment/eating, car-free. Because of decades of failing to meet standards the area must reduce car use or lose billions in tax dollars, and expanding the Veloweb is seen as the least expensive way to do this. There are beneficial side-effects, but I’ll take forcing local planners to think outside the car.

I’m opening today’s post with 2 reports on an act of terrorism against cyclists in MD. Md. Bicyclists Injured By Tacks On Race Route and Cyclists injured by tacks on roadway Why do I call this an act of terrorism? The perp was trying to hurt people doing something legal, possibly because he (and this will be a male) doesn’t like cyclists. He’s a coward, and probably fat as well. And my witchy powers tell me what little hair he still has is dark. 😉

In some good news for a change, the cyclist hit-and-run in CO Sunday will survive, and they caught the driver. Condition of cyclist injured in crash upgraded The driver spent the last 2 days in jail while trying to come up with bail. He couldn’t get regular bond and had to post a property bond to get out. Kudos to the bail-bondsmen in that city…

A wreck that was the driver’s fault, either a left cross or right hook. Cyclist Injured During Crash With Car When the cops come right out and say the driver did it, why does the sub-head indicate any doubt? Do they really hate cyclists that much at that paper? To avoid a similar fate use intersection protocol, see the page link at the top of my blog. Not saying it would have helped in this wreck as they don’t even say which way the car was turning, but knowing it might save you.

Charges are filed against a driver that killed a cyclist in a 15 MPH zone. Man charged with homicide in ’09 cyclist case Police said a reconstruction of the collision determined the speed of Morris’ vehicle was between 60 and 65 mph. Yeah 60 in a zone that was advisory posted 15 is definitely homicide by stupidity. 60 MPH on a sidewalk is even better… You know you would think they could come up with a better charge for acts like this than vehicular homicide, something that had some teeth and would keep the idiot off the roads for a very long time, even if it didn’t keep him in jail.

Another blog with a plethora of links has some bike wrecks that are local to DC. Breakfast links: Running to hit Read the one about the doored cyclist getting a ticket for illegal passing when he wasn’t passing illegally.

Totally no surprise in this report. Truck driver not charged in bicyclist’s death Right hook crash with a moving cyclist that went under the rear wheels of the truck right after getting passed by the truck is totally the fault of the cyclist and not the fault of the driver who lacked the proper licenses to operate the truck. Right. TANJ!

Just because it’s Man’s Best Friend doesn’t mean it likes bicycles. Canines can be less than friendly to cyclists Yeah, loose dogs can die, I’m saying that as a rider that got knocked off his bike by a pack of dogs last month. I like mutts, but allowing dogs to roam free is a dangerous and stupid thing to do. Two of my kids have dogs and they are either indoors, in a fenced yard, or walking on a leash at all times.

More on the idiot ESPN commentator who suggested that drivers “tap” cyclists with their multi-ton WMDs. Riders help promote bike and car safety “”Those weren’t very nice comments,” Zabriskie said as he coasted to doping control after his win” Which wins the award for biggest understatement of the decade.

In the wake of a truck rear-ending 6 cyclists, discussion of a passing law in the Great White North. Ontario aims to increase cyclist safety The truck never attempted to pass, so I don’t see what this law would have done to prevent that except provide something else to charge the driver with.

An incredible story is coming out of the UK, Cyclist ‘killed by cars jostling at 60mph’ The cars were running into each other on a city street like a movie stunt, and the cyclist was just caught in the crossfire.

Still in the UK another of those stupid reports that act all surprised that the occupants of a large vehicle are unharmed after killing a cyclist. Cyclist dies after 4×4 collision “The driver of the Freelander, a 39-year-old woman from Glentham, was left shocked but unhurt.” Really, a 2 1/2 ton vehicle hits a 200 pound man and the driver of the vehicle is unhurt? And this is supposed to be news?

The huge question in the UK for safety experts. Why are female cyclists so vulnerable to lorries? 10 out of 13 fatal cycling accidents in the capital were women, and eight of them were killed by HGVs Those are disturbing statistics, no doubt about it.

RoS stories: Memorial ride to honor Waukesha cyclist killed in collision and Ride of Silence to be held Wednesday in Charleston

That’s all I have tonight.

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