Darcy Allen Shepard’s killer escapes Justice, and the Feed

I have been reading the news about Michael Bryant and Darcy Allen Sheppard for a while now, and in my heart of hearts I really expected Bryant to face at least some kind of assault charge for hitting Sheppard from the back at the stop light, as shown in the surveillance camera footage. You would think that hitting someone with a 3700 pound vehicle from behind when they are sitting on a bicycle would merit some kind of punishment. And when the assailant is a former head prosecutor for a province you would be wrong. Charges against Bryant in fatal crash withdrawn This just leaves me as close to heartbroken as I can still get. I know Karma will get him, eventually, but I don’t want to wait until his next life to see justice done. More Decision to drop charges against Bryant justified, experts say All I can say is Bryant had better not ever hit another cyclist as long as he lives, in fact it would be best if he were to cease driving at once so as to prevent any future lawsuits or criminal charges. Another link No Trial for Attorney General Who Killed Cyclist

In CA they have a different view of drivers that kill cyclists. Motorist guilty of vehicular manslaughter in cyclist’s death Not only did the driver kill the cyclist but tampered with the evidence so as to make it seem like the cyclist was at fault. Shame, shame! Off with your head! Well that would be what’s deserved, but more than likely what she will get will be a probated sentence of 1 year.

Another update identifying the victim of a PA hit-and-run. Cyclist Killed During Hit-And-Run Identified

This is just plain impossible to avoid, and stupid on the driver’s part. No gang ties suspected in Healdsburg bicyclist shooting OK so it wasn’t gang-related, which leaves 3 other possibilities 1) Random shooting of the first person they saw on the street 2) Anti-cyclist act of hate/terrorism 3) The shooter know and had a grudge against the victim. The first 2 scenarios could have happened to anybody riding a bike, the first to anyone not in a car, and none of them are something that can be planned for and avoided.

More on the teen killed by what is now thought to be a runaway SUV. Va. teen cyclist remembered at vigil

From the UK another commercial vehicle injures a cyclist. Swansea cyclist, 66, seriously injured in collision

What makes this report unusual was that the victim was male. Fulham cyclist killed after being hit by lorry The majority of cyclists killed are female, but the majority of cyclists killed in London are killed by trucks.

Another “opinion” that cyclists should wear helmets, with some admonishment that people driving cars should try to not hit people riding bicycles. Time to think about bicycle safety Yes it’s long past time to think about bicycle safety, instead of helmets and “Get off my roads you freeloaders!”

After a single pedestrian fatality on a MUP punitive measures against cyclists are being planned. Renton considering slower speed limit for the Cedar River Trail What I find ironic is there are pedestrians and cyclists killed on nearly every street, but nobody comes out and demands 10 MPH speed limits on the streets. Why institute such a draconian measure against cyclists when the first pedestrian is killed on a MUP? The pedestrian died of a head injury, why not demand pedestrian helmets on the trail?

And a movement I’m proud to claim may have started with my blog. We be BADD BADD Cyclists Rally for a Good Cause: Group Uses 2010 Amgen Tour as a Tool to Raise Awareness of Cell-Phone Safety Concerns Grendel, we haven’t seen much from you lately, are you still with us?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. (Geek points to the first comment that correctly identifies the source quote for that pun)

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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  1. RE: The Quiz du Jour.

    This was the first thing that came to mind:


    I could use some geek points about now. Thanks, Opus!

    – Brody


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