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Still disgusted at the Bryant case, and the Feed

The blogosphere is still spinning like mad after the prosecution dropped all charges against cyclist killer Michael Bryant and as a member of that group I’m none too happy myself. I mean just look at the tapes, Bryant was the initial aggressor. After being hit from behind with a deadly weapon, Sheppard picked himself up and went back to have a “discussion” with Bryant, whom at that time he didn’t know from Adam. OK Sheppard went back to the driver to beat the cr@p out of him for wrecking his sole source of income and major mode of transportation, but remember Bryant was the initial aggressor. Well, anyway, the links Porter: War on cyclists takes its toll and Michael Bryant walks, the cycling community rides, and a bad taste lingers more Darcy Sheppard the wrong kind of hero for bike advocates still more The joys and sorrows of cycling

Moving closer to WoaB World Headquarters in TX, a cyclist trying to make a left turn is hit and killed. Cyclist struck by car dies I can’t get a feel on this one which way the car that hit the cyclist was travelling. Susan Gerred, 50, was traveling west on Beltway South when she tried to make a U-turn to go south onto Bacacita Farms Road, police said. Since when is turning south from going west a U-turn? Google Street View of the wreck scene is here. Seems to be very good sight lines at this location, making a left turn shouldn’t have been a problem. I don’t know the speed limit on this stretch of road, but avoiding a cyclist should not have been an issue had the driver wanted to.

More criticism of media coverage of the VA SUV that went out of control and killed a cyclist on a bike path. Why stereotype victims in cycling accidents? LEO still haven’t identified the other cyclist hit in this wreck.

From Jolly Olde, the cyclist that apparently had a single vehicle wreck on a country road has been identified. Cyclist killed after coming off her bike named Still nothing on why she died.

Still in the UK we have another hit-and-run. Cyclist injured in hit and run in Thorpe Bay If you knowanything about this wreck the police would like to have a chat with you…

More UK, this time a hit-and-run. Cyclist injured in Warrington hit and run I find this part funny: A Cheshire police spokesman said: “It is possible the driver may not be aware the collision occurred. And I live in Buckingham Palace.

In Oz a cyclist was killed by a truck. Cyclist hit by truck among three road deaths I would include more detail, but that’s almost a direct quote of the article on the subject and pretty much all they said about the wreck. Another report, with a similar level of detail. Cyclist killed in crash with log truck

In Enn Zed another hit-and-run against a cyclist. Driver leaves after killing cyclist I call this a deliberate assault, if the driver hadn’t meant to hit the cyclist, why leave? The worst you can get would have just been a slap on the wrist… More Hit-and-run victim named

And that’s all the Feed for today.

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Hang tight, the Feed is coming

You regularly scheduled Feed will be slightly delayed today so that yr fthfl srvnt can mow the lawn and attend the Dallas BPAC meeting. Yes I’m on yet another BPAC. I’m a local bicycling celebrity.

Also I have to cook dinner tonight. More beans and rice!

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