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Almost all the Feed today is from Canada and the UK. I have been thinking that I should drop the UK reports because of the media laws in that country. Basically there isn’t anything in the majority of UK reports that I can use to teach you how not to get hit by motor vehicles, and I see no need to suffer through all those dead and injured cyclists when 1) I can’t do anything for them and 2) their stories lack the information that I need to use as a teachable moment. So after today you’ll start seeing a lot fewer UK reports.

Up first because it’s a new US report, a cyclist gets hit in an intersection in MA. Bicyclist injured Witness reports say that the cyclist went on a stale yellow, and when the light changed he was screened from the car that hit him by a box van. I make it a habit of stopping for yellow because I know if I can see the light change to yellow before I enter the intersection I won’t clear it before the light changes. The only time I do run the yellow is when I’m already so close that I can’t stop before entering the intersection.

More on the cyclist that was hit twice in a hit-and-run in DC. Cyclist Struck Twice and Killed in Southeast DC No matter how many versions of the story I read, it never gets any happier.

From CT, a man is injured in a hit-and-run. New Canaan police investigate hit-and-run bicycle accident Possibly a hit-from-behind wreck.”The suspect vehicle left the scene and is believed to be a 2003-2006 Audi, Cabriolet, convertible, possible black. Debris from the vehicle was left at the scene. The vehicle should have damage to the right front.” So you know what to look for.

Still in CT, a cycling LEO is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Connecticut police officer killed in hit and run Interesting how when a cop gets killed on a bike LEO go all out to find the killer. Now what will happen after they find him, that’s another story.

Two reports on a single wreck from Canuckistan. Cyclist, 52, critically injured in S.W. crash and Cyclist remains in critical condition The cyclist appears to have run a red light, possibly a stale yellow. Again, you have to be alert for yellow lights and when they change from green. I know that sometimes means having eyes everywhere, but the reality of the situation is if you get hit in an intersection after the light changes to red, even if it was green when you entered, unlike a motor vehicle you ran the red in the eyes of most LEO. That’s not the law, but the way the law is enforced.

From the UK, this is the kind of story that WoaB won’t be linking to any more, because it lacks the information required to protect you from a similar wreck. Cyclist injured in non-stop collision in St Neots Non-stop collision, is he still getting hit?

In contrast to the previously linked report, reports of this nature willcontuinue to be linked from WoaB. Cyclist is injured in menacing hit-and-run This wasn’t a wreck, it was an assault that took miles to complete.

And that’s all I have today, more as I find it.

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