Not much in the Feed, and other fun stuff

Sorry I’m late, I had a trip to the Lab Rat Keeper and coming back I missed a transfer and had to cool my heels for 45 minutes until the next scheduled run. As a consolation I have 2 US reports and one UK story.

Up first because it’s closest to WoaB Headquarters in Beautiful Scenic Garland TX, a man tries to make a left turn on his bike and meets up with a minivan in Austin. Cyclist killed in crash with van It was not known if the lights on the bicycle were working, because they were found all smashed to bits after the wreck. TX law requires turning vehicles to wait until oncoming traffic has cleared before commencing the turn, bicycles fall under this law, too. To avoid a similar wreck, just wait your turn.

From the state that’s closest to Bicycle Nirvana we have in the US, a driver is sentenced for passing in a no passing zone and hitting a cyclist head on at a speed that was 15 MPH over the speed limit. Editorial: 30 days in prison is not enough for killing a cyclist by driving recklessly Yes doing 15 over the limit and hitting a cyclist head on in a no-passing Zone is a serious crime, you get almost as much for killing a cyclist as you do for stealing a candy bar. What would have happened had the driver not also side-swiped another motor vehicle in the process I can’t say, but really, she couldn’t have gotten much less and still been sent to prison.

And from Jolly Olde we are getting some information on how a cyclist was hit by a cement mixer while riding in the bike lane on a London street. Cyclist father of three killed on road where bike lane ‘is too tight’ If I did the math right, the total lane width was only 12 feet, before they took out a little under 4 feet to make a bike lane. In the US a 12 foot wide lane is legally too narrow to share between a car and a bicycle and the cyclist may take the lane in most states. Why TfL thought they could cram a bike lane in there is beyond me.

And that’s all the news that gives my fits, now I get to toddle off to a church Board meeting.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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