The Feed was almost banal in the treatment of injured and killed cyclists

The Feed was pretty blase’ about the injured cyclists, or rather the articles in the Feed were blase’ about injured cyclists.

Up first for no particular reason, a cyclist is left-crossed in CA. Cyclist in Santa Rosa injured in crash with vehicle Another “I didn’t see him” wreck to go with the left cross. Other than a rotating beacon on the handlebars I don’t know what more the cyclist could have done to avoid being hit.

The driver that ran a cyclist over from behind will face a maximum penalty of $114 and loss of driving privileges for a year. Citation issued in Waukesha County cyclist fatality See what I mean about banal and blase’? You kill a cyclist, and the worst you get is a $114 fine and no driving for a year? Kill a dog and you get 4 years, but kill a human with the most deadly instrument in daily use and phht! just a minor fine.

And in Canuckistan, a cyclist appears to have run a red light and gets killed. A 57-year-old Oshawa cyclist killed in a collision The initial report from LEO indicated the injuries weren’t serious, but with people this old you just can’t tell.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits, again.

billed @$0.02, Opus


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