After a protracted visit to the Lab Rat Keeper, I bring you the Feed

The good news: the meds are working and my BP is well under control. The bad news: I gained 0.2 pounds since the last visit in spite of riding 205 utility miles last month, and 83 already this month. It might be muscle mass, I have been doing a lot of sprint starts where I race the cars from the traffic light. I can usually get across 2 lanes of traffic and the left turn lane before their mighty dinosaur powered behemoths can pass me, and I’m doing close to 15 MPH by then. This bodes well for the HP drag racing trike.

Up first because of proximity to WoaB HQ in the suburbs of Hell, a cyclist riding to raise money for a food bank is hit and critically injured by a person driving a 4-door pickup truck. Cyclist still in critical condition Hit from behind by a driver not looking at the road. Given the speed of this vehicle (65-70 MPH) I’m not sure there was enough time to react when he could tell the truck wasn’t moving over. Also this was a slightly higher speed than the speed I was hit at, making 2 of us that survived an impact at that speed.

A Boston cyclist is hit with a car and blamed for her death because she wasn’t wearing a helmet. Cyclist is killed by a car in Brighton Nothing in the article about the mode of the wreck except to blame it on the cyclist because she did not have a helmet on. I firmly believe in wearing helmets, but really, when did wearing a helmet ever keep a car from running into a cyclist?

A PA driver is facing a $500 fine for doing 48MPH in a 30 zone and hitting a cyclist head on after losing control of her car. Teen Charged In Crash That Killed Cyclist Once again, no way the cyclist could have even reacted to the sight of a car moving at nearly twice the speed limit coming at him in the wrong lane of travel. This was beyond even a “Oh, shit.” moment.

A woman left-crosses a cyclist and kills him. Central Kitsap Woman Who Hit, Killed Cyclist Sentenced to Community Service Yes, you read that right, and the article’s details are even worse. The driver was given 360 hours of community service, for killing a man, while driving on a suspended license. Legally she should not have even been driving, she kills a man and at the tender young age of 48 (!) is “too impressionable” to put in prison. I would say “Only in America” but that ain’t true either, the UK gives out ridiculous sentences, too.

In Canuckistan, another SWSS, this time into oncoming traffic. Two dead after highway crashes in rural Alberta I will grant that there might have been a medical emergency that caused the cyclist to fall to the left and into oncoming traffic, but to say he “veered” into oncoming traffic, unless they find evidence of depression I would call that male bovine excrement.

Speaking of stupid sentences for killing cyclists in the UK. Learner driver from Bristol killed cyclist during car manoeuvre Since the driver was driving with a learner’s permit, driving without a licensed driver in the car invalidated the permit while his “mum” picked up the fish and chips. As a result the driver was required to stay home after dark for 8 weeks (house arrest) and “The 26-year-old was also disqualified from driving for 12 months and ordered to pay £85 costs.” That’s roughly $136 in what used to be called “real money”. The asymmetry of the effects, death for one and 8 weeks of house arrest and $136 in fines and costs for the killer, just boggles the mind.

A cyclist gets hit from behind while riding legally in the road in the UK. Cyclist killed in collision with lorry and Call for safety measures after Tyron Allen’s death OK this is getting stupid. The thing that makes this wreck so unusual is that the victim was male, otherwise this is the way the majority of cyclists in the UK die, by getting hit from behind or crushed in a left hook (the equivalent of the right hook in the UK) by a large truck (lorrie).

And in our final story for the day, I was checking out the links to my blog and was mentioned inthe post that contained a report on a cop telling a group of senior citizens not to ride in the street and then giving them a ticket for riding in the sidewalk. Cop tells seniors not to ride in the street — then tickets them for riding on the sidewalk and Scofflaws cited for cycling on sidewalk I believe the word for this is entrapment.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits, I’m going to go eat now.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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