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The tornadoes missed me, I wasn’t riding my bike, and the Feed

Yep, we had tornadoes all around yesterday, but I was safe and snug in my home and not doing a Miss Gulch by riding in the storm waiting for the tornado to take me to Oz (or Australia). No damage at WoaB HQ.

Up first because it’s close and something has to be first, a cyclist runs a stop sign and gets hit by a motorcycle. Bike rider hits bike rider I know it looks really bad, but neither rider in this wreck was seriously injured.Note that while the bicycle was trashed, the motorcycle only sustained minor cosmetic damage.

Two articles about a doctor getting killed riding his bike in AL. Local doctor killed in early morning bicycle accident and Co-workers recall kindness of doctor killed in bike wreck The description of the wreck really bothers me. The driver hits the cyclist sitting in an intersection, then stops and sits himself for a couple of minutes, then floors it and goes tearing blindly across the countryside (literally) before hitting an immovable object. This does not sound like either a drunk driver, nor the usual “teach him a lesson” driver, or any other kind of crazy or impaired driver I have ever encountered either in RL or in any kind of literature. Also the placement of the cyclist and the motor vehicle just don’t make any sense to me either. There are a whole lot of details missing from the story here. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything else on the story…

Another cyclist is killed by a drunk driver in WI. Cyclist killed in Milwaukee; driver charged The cyclist was hit from behind by a driver that had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his body. For cyclists, use hit-from-behind protocol to avoid or minimize the damages from a wreck like this. Drivers insert typical rant about drunk drivers that kill needing to be executed in the most public and painful ways possible and their cars needing to be recycled into bicycles… Just a note, I don’t know the laws in WI, but in TX the bartender can be charged in this death as well as the driver. Just something to think about.

An arrest has been made in a NJ hit-and-run. Suspect Arrested For Cyclist’s Death The level of the charges filed against the driver just astounds me, with bail having been set at $50K cash for release, that is also very uncommon. Something is up besides hitting the cyclist on this one, just watch this.

A follow-up on the bike wreck last weekend in the Atlanta area. Bicyclist killed on Saturday morning ride This was more commentary that information about the wreck (something like this blog), but id did have links to official GA sites on bicycle laws and safety.

Another report on the reward being offered in OKC for the killer in a hit-and-run against a cyclist. Reward offered in cyclist death The more I read about this hit-and-run, the more troubled I am about it. There are things that just aren’t “right” about it, like the cyclist might have stumbled on a drug buy, or maybe a mob hit, and had to be “eliminated”.

From the UK, a report on a drunk driver that was way past the UK limits, as well as the limits on most of the civilized world and Arkansas. Drink driver was three times the limist when he killed cyclist For those needing conversion factors, the UK limit is the same as 0.035%BAC, and the driver in question had a 0.104%BAC. The legal limit in the US is 0.08%BAC. Note that in this wreck the wearing or not of a helmet is moot as the cause of death was a broken neck.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this morning.

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