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Some days I wonder why I do this

I’m coming up on 4 years now since I started doing this blog as a bicycle safety blog at various places around the web, and to be honest there are days when I wonder if I’m making the slightest bit of an impression, not counting the dent in the wall from my forehead. Then I get e-mails from people who tell me that they used information in my blog and it saved their lives and it keeps me going a bit longer. Still, reading about and seeing pictures of people who get killed or seriously injured 6 days a week would have severe consequences for my mental stability were it not for 2 facts: I don’t have any mental stability, and I have my church, Sacred Journey Fellowship. On the first, well I have a strange sense of humor, and there are times when I let it run rampant. Jokes are much less dangerous than what I was trained to do in the Army. On the second, I have people there that while they don’t understand me completely, they understand the importance of my work, both to me personally as a means to recover from my traumas and for the world at large to get fewer people riding bicycles killed or injured. You can help, too. Read my blog every day, and don’t get hit by a car. Take it from me getting hit by a car, or with a car, really ruins your whole day.

Up first is a report on one of the worst wastes of human skin ever reported on in this blog, a woman that last year left the road to hit 3 cyclists on the shoulder while driving drunk, and who tried to leave the scene of the crime and made the statement that the cyclists shouldn’t have been in the road. Family, friends paint sympathetic portrait of Borland for defense Tasha Borland should never be allowed to drive again and should certainly spend several years behind bars for her actions in this case. If anyone ever deserved the tag “waste of human skin” from this blog, Tasha Borland meets the criteria for it. Note for my readers that drive Toyotas, this trial takes place in Sand Springs OK outside of OKC.

A very sketchy report on a cyclist getting hit in MI. Woman cyclist injured when car strikes her bike on Huron Parkway on Ann Arbor’s north side At this point all we know is the location and the extent of her injuries, which are non-life-threatening. Was the writer for this piece from the UK?

A blotter report on a cyclist getting hit-and-run in Canuckistan. Man killed by train on CP tracks No he wasn’t hit-and-run by the train, that was another wreck that lead the report.

In other news, traffic deaths in general and cyclists in particular have dropped in 2009. Traffic deaths decline nationwide and also in Delaware There was a tiny increase in VMT, but because of a number of factors including cars built better than tanks and improved medical care deaths due to motor vehicle wrecks declined. The good news for my blog readers is that while cycling is up due to the recession, cyclist deaths are down 12.25%, from 718 in 2008, to 630 in 2009. So people are seeing cyclists, mostly.

From the UK more on the waste of human skin that was driving 70+MPH while having 3 times the legal limit of BAC. Drink-driver killed cyclist in head-on crash at 70mph, court told and Drink-driver admits killing cyclist in crash I don’t suggest you follow those links if you are the slightest bit squeamish.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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