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Barely filtered and cryptic comments, the Feed

I’m trying to squeeze this in between an epic trip to the Lab Rat Keeper and my depression group therapy, so this might get a little terse. Sorry, better than nothing right?

Up first because that was what I saw it first is a cyclist winning the door prize in NYC. NYC cyclist killed after she’s hit by car door In this case the cyclist was riding in the bike lane and trapped in the door zone by the bus that hit her, making this wreck impossible to avoid. More: Another cyclist killed! Hit by a bus after avoiding driver’s car door

Outside Seattle a driver hits and kills a cyclist and then shoots himself. Distraught driver who hit and killed bicyclist kills himself Drunk driver kills drunk cyclist, remembers he was partying with a guy that left the bar on a bicycle, comes back to the wreck site and discovers the body of his friend that he just killed, and kills himself. He should have talked to Tasha Borland first, maybe he would have convinced her to kill herself along with him. Not to make too light a deal of it, this was tragic all around. Don’t drink and operate a vehicle, and that includes a bicycle. More: Driver kills self after fatal wreck

Another SUV killed a cyclist of its own volition. Bicyclist killed by SUV in Ramona This was a reverse pinball wreck, where thee big vehicle bounced off the tiny cyclist and hit another vehicle which then hit a liquor store. The fact that the SUV actually had a driver wasn’t mentioned until the end of the article, and the identity or the gender of the cyclist was never mentioned.

Going North for a minute a cyclist killer is charged with multiple charges from the death. Woman charged in death of cyclist Bail was denied in the case, pending more information to the court.

An OR cyclist possibly was running a stop sign when he noticed an imminent collision with a vehicle and was unable to avoid it. Bike rider killed in collision with vehicle on Willamette Drive The “sharp right turn” tells me the cyclist was making an avoidance manuever and didn’t quite make it. If you’re going to roll the stop signs at least slow to a speed that will let you stop if there is a motor vehicle that might hit you if you enter the intersection.

Minor wrecks in Canuckistan when a major ride packs a major highway with thousands of cyclists. Riders pack Sea-to-Sky Highway The multiple crashes that many in the cycling community feared might happen — especially in the first third of the GranFondo — never materialized, said Wornell. “I’m tremendously happy about that. I only heard of one crash.” Cyclists can ride in large tight groups without causing mass mayhem. It just takes a little cooperation.

A MI driver “didn’t see” a cyclist and is charged for the wreck. Former police officer charged in ’09 crash that killed cyclist, peace activist According to court documents, Morgan failed “to pass at a safe distance to the left of (Petry),” and was driving despite knowing he had a condition that left him with “diminished vision.” So for at least one driver in one wreck, the Get Out of Jail Free card didn’t work and was used against him.

Last up is a report on charges being filed against the driver that killed the woman in the Peletonia ride. Charges Filed In Pelotonia Rider’s Death At most he can only get 90 days for ignoring a LEO’s command to stop and killing a human being because of that… I hope they at least crushed his worthless pickup truck and recycled it into bicycles.

And that’s all the news I have time to type out for you, now I have to go to a meeting.

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