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Tasha Borland is guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty

The headline is about the good news for the OK bicycle community, and other people that like to use the roads and, you know, survive the experience.

Getting to the headline story first, The absolute waste of human skin polluting the air in the Tulsa area will be doing so from the confines of a prison cell. Surprise Plea Of Guilt In Cyclists Death and Sand Springs Woman Pleads Guilty In Connection With Death Of Two Bicyclists also Borland pleads guilty to manslaughter, DUI charges She now faces sentencing which could reach 2 consecutive life sentences, or a minimum of 3 1/2 years actual prison time without possibility of early release because the charges fall under the 85% rule in OK, with her sentencing to be held in late October. I urge the Tulsa cycling community to turn out in force for the hearing, and that as a “further restriction” that may be placed on her request that she be charged with possession of an illegal weapon should she ever be caught behind the steering wheel of a motor vehicle for the rest of her miserable life. And I apologize for the large number of Toyotas that were circling the courthouse yesterday, my bad.

Another report on the driver that killed the Peletonia rider getting charged. Driver charged in Pelotonia rider’s death and Charges Filed Against Driver Who Hit, Killed Pelotonia Rider Ridiculous charges for what amounts to a deliberate act that ended in the death of a human being.

Another report on the cyclist killed running a stop sign in OR. Bicyclist Killed in West Linn Accident This report doesn’t really add anything new to the story but does help provide the haters in the comments section another place to kvetch.

Eleven days before the expiration if the statute of limitations, charges are filed in the death of a Yuma cyclist. Citations issued in cyclist’s death That’s right, just traffic tickets for hitting 2 people and killing one of them. Only minor fines possible and almost no time to file civil suits against the driver that cut over into an occupied lane of traffic to get around a farm tractor…

An update on the reverse pinball wreck that killed a cyclist in So Cal. RAMONA CYCLIST IN FATAL ACCIDENT IDENTIFIED; DRIVER ARRESTED For you that didn’t catch this the first time the driver in this case hit a cyclist, then “bounced” off him to hit another vehicle that then went through the front of a building. Usually in a case like this the cyclist is in the place of the building, not the first one hit.

In the UK the driver that tried to hide the fact that he committed a hit-and-run is sentenced. Man jailed after death of cyclist in Gerrards Cross See, this is what I hate about the UK media laws, this wreck took place over a year ago, I think about the time I moved this blog to this site. Just now the media is reporting on the wreck, but because so much tie has elapsed, still nothing about the mode of the wreck that lets me tell you how to not get hit the same way…

Finally back in So Cal a report on cyclists not doing perfectly legal things that make drivers mad so that the drivers won’t kill them… Can cyclists, drivers get along (with poll)? The interesting thing I got from this is that cyclists should Kowtow to drivers and not, you know actually demand their rights because we don’t really deserve them because cyclists are like parasites, you know?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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