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A huge Feed before filtering, now see what’s left

Today I started with a metric buttload (that’s 2.2 SAE buttloads) of links to filter from the Feed, about 30 links altogether. I invite you to count the remaining links and just imagine all the bull riders and motorcycle riders I had to wade through to get these links to you.

Up first because I want to get this over with is another report on the waste of human skin that was driving an uninsured, poorly maintained vehicle and blew past a cop telling him to stop and hit a cyclist. Driver Who Hit, Killed Pelotonia Rider Pleads Not Guilty It has been established that the driver repaired his own brakes and didn’t get them back together right and had pretty much no stopping power in that intersection. Had he either gone to a reputable mechanic or done a skid test on the road in front of his house he would have known the brakes were repaired right. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

A driver is unhurt after hitting a bicyclist in NJ. Bicycle rider injured in crash near Lenape All I can tell from this report is the driver violated the right of way of the cyclist when she turned into the driveway of the school, either a left cross or a right hook. To avoid remember that driveways are intersections, too, and apply intersection protocol. A thermite grenade for use after the wreck might be a good idea, too. Or perhaps a white cane for the driver?

Another hit-and-run of a child cyclist. I apologize ahead of time for the spam on this link but it’s the only functioning link I have to this story. Dalton police looking for driver involved in hit-and-run on 7-year-old boy Just going out on a limb on this one but the way the story is reported I strongly suspect the driver was a decent human being, but not a legal immigrant to this country. With the rise in hit-and-run going on I wonder how much is due to immigrants, and how much is due to really stuuu-pid drivers?

We had a number of links from the Great White North today (eh, hoser!) and in no particular order, this is the first. Cyclist killed on highway When a group is hit like this it is usually a hit-from-behind and the driver will either claim a mass SWSS or that he didn’t see them. I can’t get a Google Street View of the area so I can’t comment on the existence or lack of shoulders. At any rate to avoid being in the same situation use hit-from-behind protocols which can be found in the link at the top of my blog.

A near identical wreck 2 provinces over. Ottawa cyclists struck by tractor trailer in N.B. If it weren’t for the different departure and destination points the similarity between the two wrecks might have made me think they were the same wreck, but in this wreck the deceased is described as someone from outside Canada, and in the wreck I linked to above the deceased is from Ottawa. But, same number of cyclists, same number of deceased, and same type of vehicle that killed, what are the odds? On this wreck we can see wide shoulders on the road, I can’t tell if the debris is entirely from the wreck or if some of it was there and being avoided by the cyclists, and a minimum speed of 100 km/h for motor vehicles. This is roughly 62 MPH for those who are metric-impaired. Anyway, same advice as above, hit-from-behind protocol.

In what is turning into near Armageddon for Canadian cyclists, a cyclist is killed by a garbage truck in Montreal. Cyclist dies after struck by garbage truck in Rosemount At this point there isn’t enough information on this wreck to give cogent advice as all of the witnesses are either dead or in such shock that they can’t speak about it.

Still in Canada a cyclist is hit from behind and severely injured. Cyclist struck by car in critical condition Apparently in Ottawa they don’t have a law that the vehicle in front has the right of way no matter how fast it’s going and drivers coming from behind are expected to not hit that vehicle, because they did not file charges as of this post… anyway, hit-from-behind, yadda yadda yadda.

Ninja cyclist in Kelowna recovering after wreck. Injured cyclist recovering in hospital For this not paying attention the picture with the article is from a different wreck. Anyway to avoid either use lights or ride like you’re invisible, really invisible. I strongly advise against riding Ninja.

In Jolly Olde, a cyclist that was all but killed gets enough money to pay for the 24 hour care he needs to live. Record £14 million payout for injured cyclist At this point he doesn’t quite need moss for his north side, but he is in such bad shape that he requires someone to watch over him on a 24 hour a day basis. The insurance company appealed the previous judgement, and it was raised from £9 million, to £13.7 million. Methinks they should have kept their mouths shut.

Still in the UK a driver hit a pothole while driving too fast and lost control of his vehicle and hit a cyclist. Pothole may have caused crash in which Cumbrian teacher killed So, not actually driving too fast, but a really bad road? I call BS on that.

Something every cyclist knows intuitively. Study links walking, cycling and obesity Cyclists that ride for utilitarian purposes tend to not be obese even if they were obese before starting cycling. Whodathunkit? Being active makes you not fat.
Infrastructure! in Portland. Portland adding 11 more bike boxes The interesting thing about this article is the headline changed between when I first read it last night and when I linked to it this morning. The word “controversial” was removed from between “more” and “bike”…

In China they are discovering that roads that were fine for millions of cyclists are inadequate for thousands of cars and hundreds of thousands of cyclists, the cars are taking over and there is not enough room for them. Cycle of misery on congested roads I don’t know what to tell them. I saw it coming years ago as they started buying millions of cars a year without an equally massive road building campaign. In case you didn’t hear, cars take up about 9 times the space on the road as a bicycle so going from bicycles to cars you need to create 9 times more lane miles. When your environment is built out already finding that space is nearly impossible, leading to congestion , pollution and huge traffic jams.

And this just in, riding a bicycle is fun transportation. Cyclists Just Want to Have Fun

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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