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Earlier post and a smaller Feed to filter

Yes it was a mistake to do a late report on a Monday after ignoring the Feed for Sunday, I admit that. So I have moved all the rest of the appointments for this study to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. One so that I can cook dinner and spare my wife the bother on the day she has to work the latest, and two so that I can get the Feed filtered and published in a more timely manner. I didn’t get through the last link and everything buttoned up until 2330 last night. That’s just too late to be doing things like this, and it’s not good for my head, either…

Up first by luck of the draw is an update on a man hit-and-run during a charity ride in August. Cyclist injured in hit-and-run accident released from hospital I don’t remember doing a report on this so it might have been during the time I was working that temp gig away from my computer. The victim was busted up a lot worse than I was, with a fractured pelvis and leg injuries, and 5 weeks after the wreck still can’t put any weight on the broken leg. Since this report was more concerned with the condition of the rider than the wreck I can’t tell you how to avoid a similar wreck other than intersection protocols just from what little they did write about the location.

In South Africa another cyclist is hit at the start of their cycling season, North West cyclist dies in accident No word on the cause of the wreck, but one of the good signs is that the driver remained at the scene.

The widow of the (singular, as in only) pedestrian killed by a cyclist in NYC gets a personal condolence from their head of DOT. Bike Accident Victim’s Wife Gets DOT Apology Does the DOT send personal noted to the survivors of the dozens of pedestrians killed on sidewalks in NYC every year? How about the cyclists killed in the bike lanes?

In WI while they butcher the English language in their headlines they understand the dynamics of motor vehicle/bicycle interactions. Not all cyclists to blame for car woes The article goes on to point out that cyclists don’t “endanger” motor vehicle operators, but that motor vehicle operators do endanger and kill cyclists.

And finally the “Uncle Tom” of cycling journalists meets “Tio Tomas”. Does ‘Mad Mex’ have Holy Grail to end cycling deaths? The majority of the cyclists killed are neither club members or riding in groups of any kind, most are single riders obeying the laws who are killed by drivers that vary from psychopaths to drivers who are physically incapable of driving but do anyway because they don’t know any other way to get around.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits, except for the really stupid stuff from the UK.

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