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I’ve completed 52 laps so far out of an expected 200

Yes, that’s a joke, I don’t really expect to reach the age of 200 years, but that is what I’m working for at this point. Today I completed my 52nd lap around the sun and embark on my 53rd with fudge brownies and vanilla ice cream later in the day. I’m entitled.

Up first is a terror trip of horrid proportions as a driver is using his vehicle as a weapon against cyclists. Police: Driver purposely hit, injured cyclists and Two cyclists struck by same unknown driver in Northeast Portland also Driver Still At Large After Hitting 2 Cyclists more Driver still on the loose after hitting 2 bicyclists still more Driver Hits Two Cyclists Today in Lloyd, One Sent to Hospital not done yet 2 bicyclists hurt in Portland hit-and-runs are you kidding? Portland Police Say Same Car In Two Bike Hit-and-runs This Morning (UPDATED) linkety linkety Police Seek Driver that Hit 2 Portland Area Cyclist OK there is absolutely no way to avoid an idiot like this, who wants to kill cyclists because they get in his way and make him drive more slowly than he wants. The driver is clearly a psychopath with anti-social tendencies who should never have had a license in the first place.

Another report on the rider that went around the crossing gated to get hit by a train, still in Portland. Bike Rider Struck, Killed By Amtrak Train and Bakery co-workers mourn cyclist hit by train Yeah, don’t try to beat the train. If you lose that race you really lose.

Perhaps this was a political assassination disguised as a motor vehicle wreck? Green Party Senate candidate fatally struck by SUV while biking A motor vehicle is the perfect weapon to kill someone in this country, all you need to do is use the universal get-out-of-jail-free card “I didn’t see her” when you hit a cyclist or pedestrian… And the driver drove home 3 miles with the victim’s bicycle stuck under her vehicle and didn’t hear it? I find that highly doubtful.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, they killed another one. Motorized bicycle rider killed on A1A OK the vehicle hit the cyclist with the LEFT side of the vehicle, no word on which side of the victim was hit, but this looks an awful lot like the driver just failed to see and avoid a slower vehicle in his lane, and no charges were filed? Car head thinking on the part of the FHP…

Another report on the cyclist killed by a semi in Canada, from his hometown news outlet. Brooklyn Cyclist Killed During Environmental Bike Tour

Another wreck in Canada. Car collides with cyclist on Mont-Royal Ave. The article stated the SUV had the right of way but did not state how the wreck happened, if the rider ran a red light or stop sign or what…

Another article on the NYC DOT “apologizing” for the death of a pedestrian hit by a bicycle. Wife Of Man Killed By Bicycle Rider Gets DOT Apology Again, where is the apology for all the cyclists and pedestrians kille d by cars, especially the peds killede by cars on the sidewalks? There are more pedestrians killed by cars on the sidewalks in a month than are killed by cyclists in a decade at any point in the city, and the bikes are the deadly menace? Let me re-phrase that. There are more pedestrians killed on the sidewalks by taxicabs in a month than are killed by cyclists in a decade, and bicycles are the deadly menace?

More on a dead UK cyclist after his killer was convicted and sentenced. Death of Jim Fleming in Gerrards Cross was second tragedy for family

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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