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I didn’t do the blog Thursday morning because of needing to mow the lawn, and didn’t get anything in the afternoon because of a meeting in Dallas for the regional bike plan (Dallas is the 400 pound gorilla in the transportation planning for the region) and I wanted to make sure that there was connectivity between the Dallas plan and whatever they come up with for Garland. To do that I had to be there to make sure there was someone there to tell the Dallas people that there was a Garland plan in the process.

The mother of the killed Green Party MD Senate candidate calls for stricter law against hit-and-run. Pettigrew’s mother wants Md. hit-and-run law changed I happen to agree with the mother in this case, how does a person run over and kill another person then drive around with a bicycle trapped under your car for 3 miles, and not know about it? More about the victim Green Party Mourns Young Hopeful Killed by SUV

A man going to work is killed when he crossed the road on his bicycle. Cyclist killed on his way to work And in the article we find he was on his way home, not to work, when he “turned into” the path of the truck that killed him, AKA SWSS.

I think this is another report on a CA hit-and-run I did yesterday, but it might be yet another one. Cyclist struck, killed in apparent hit-and-run It looks like it was a hit-from-behind wreck on top of the hit-and-run. Other than that I can’t tell much about it.

Still in CA a different hit-and-run victim, with the driver caught. San Rafael driver charged in collision with cyclist The cyclist was riding on the sidewalk and was crossing the road in a crosswalk when hit, which is somewhat of a grey area in CA Vehicle law as the cyclist was not a pedestrian but was legally in pedestrian infrastructure when hit. Who had the right of way is almost always disputed in cases like this. IANAL but my take is if the cyclist is allowed to use the sidewalks, then blame in a wreck is assigned just as if the cyclist was a pedestrian when hit. If the cyclist would have had right of way as a pedestrian, then aside from special laws that give peds right of way in all cases, then a cyclist would have had the right of way as well. But them again my training was not in law but in engineering and writing… you know, occupations that require the use of logic and following premise.

Still in CA (lots of links from CA this week) cops are cracking down on cyclists, but not on the right cyclists. Berkeley cops crackdown on cyclists Yeah, rolling a stop sign is technically against the law, but how many of the 4 (4!) cyclists killed were running stop signs? As I recall from doing this blog (and admittedly, my memory is no longer the best) most of those killed were “salmon” cyclists, not running stop signs. Running stop signs at bicycle speeds is normally a very safe thing to do unlike riding “salmon”. Also there is a provision in every state’s cycling laws that excepts laws that can have no application to cyclists. I postulate that stop signs used as traffic calming fall under that exception. Stop signs used for traffic calming are used to keep drivers under the speed limit, a speed that for a cyclist would require anything from a world-class rider on a racing bike to superhuman effort or a streamliner on a long flat perfectly paved road. If the cyclist can’t perform the underlying cause of the signage restrictions, then the signs don’t apply. Once again IANAL, so find a rather large grain of salt for this.

Another report on that bike/semi truck-trailer wreck in Canada that involved 3 cyclists. Death of cyclist derails Otesha tour Good people on a good mission, derailed by a driver that couldn’t keep his multi-ton killing machine away from fragile human flesh and bone in spite of an operator’s license that required him to do just that.

This is more of an infrastructure thing, but there is another lawyer out there with a dedicated practice for defending cyclists injured in wrecks. Bicycle Defender, Cyclist Personal Injury Firm Launches Today

And finally a case of insult to injury, a cyclist’s bike is stolen from the crash scene while he was being treated for his injuries. $1,200 bike stolen after Mo. cyclist is hit by car The thief actually took time to check the bike out to see if it was ridable before stealing it. Terrible crime scene security on the part of the LEO involved.

Finally done for today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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