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Baking bread for Mabon, and the Feed

For those not familiar with the pagan holidays, Mabon is the second harvest festival, where most of the vegetables and grains are brought in as well as small game and other light (as opposed to large animals) meats. I’m the designated person for baked goods for celebrations so I’m making bread today for the first of 2 celebrations tonight, the bread for tomorrow’s feast has already been made and frozen ahead of time and will be thawed for the feast and warmed in the microwave. It’s so good to have a part in everything and to know what is expected of you. While the bread is rising I’ll make this post for the rest of you…

Up first because something had to be, a CO man pleads guilty after hitting a cyclist and leaving the scene of the crime. Driver in hit-and-run with cyclist enters pleas The reporter in this article seriously needs to learn about how word-wrap works when creating a document on a computer. The number of words hyphenated in the middle of a line was just annoying. Anyway, the driver managed to plea down the charges to ones that most likely won’t put him in jail but which will result in the confiscation of his vehicle. Since this is a final outcome there is no report on the mode of the wreck but I covered this wreck in the blog back when it happened so do a search or just read the protocols in the link at the top of the blog to find out what to do to avoid ending up in the same kind of wreck.

The crazed madman that attacked a group of cyclists with a baseball bat has refused a plea bargain and may go to trial on felony assault and menacing and misdemeanor criminal mischief. Female pedestrian injured in crash on Mulberry, 25, dies This is a “blotter” type of report the cyclist assault was in the last paragraph of the article. I don’t know what the guy thinks to gain by going to trial, there were several witnesses and there is the evidence of the destroyed bicycle. I think maybe he is going for the “They annoyed me so they deserved it because they were riding bicycles in the street” defence. The scary thing is that might fly in CO. If it does then someone needs to meet him at the courthouse door with a baseball bat to the face, and plead pre-emptive self-defence.

More on the SWCC wreck in CA, it might actually be a cyclist that was crossing the road. Bicyclist killed in traffic crash ID’d Again on this one, the only thing I have heard/seen on this one is the report on the truck’s skid marks and the driver’s report. I haven’t seen the victim’s bicycle or read any other reports from witnesses other than the driver. The only thing I can do is hope the LEO investigating the wreck look at the bicycle with a point of view “Does the damage on this bike match the driver’s story?” The second thing I would ask was “Was there a traffic control that would have made the cyclist think he was safe to cross at that time?” I don’t know about the victim, but when the light changes, I go. depending on the other drivers to not run the red light so as to not get run over by the driver behind me, since at most lights I have to wait for a car to trigger the light to change and traffic is usually too dense (in many senses) to run the light after determining it won’t change.

Cyclists in the City of Brotherly Love want some of that love when they ride. Bicyclists’ demonstration near Marple accident site to be share-the-road plea So many wrecks where the universal get-out-of-jail-free card was used “I didn’t see him”. So few people losing their licenses who shouldn’t be driving…

Going way south (South America) a junior cyclist is killed while training. 17 Year Old Cyclist Killed In Cayo I know nothing of the mode of this wreck, but reports of wrecks from Belize are so rare that I thought I should mention it in the blog…

Don’t hit the pedestrians. Elderly man killed by cyclist At least in this case the cyclist hung around after the wreck, not that he had much choice in the matter being unconscious and all after the wreck.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. Now go out and have a nice ride or something.

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