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It was an “interesting” weekend, now the Feed

Let’s just say my travel plans were akin to the one-armed wallpaper hanger’s job this weekend and get to the Feed.

Up first because something had to be is a hit-and-run in NC. Cyclist Killed In Liberty Hit And Run The crime scene was so messed up that LEO can’t even tell how close the cyclist was to the bike when he was hit, as in riding, walking the bike or standing near the bike taking a break. The comments were equally at sea, with many wondering about the legality of the cyclist on the highway rather than the actual illegality of the driver that killed and left the scene… Edit: I reloaded the article and now the report is that the cyclist was hit from behind, but they still can’t tell if he was pushing the bike or riding it.

A cyclist crossing a busy street failed to clear her right of way and is hit. Accident leaves cyclist injured Since I can’t pull up a Google Street View of the wreck site I can’t tell if there are traffic controls on both directions or just for the cyclist. The cop that was 2 cars back from the wreck said the cyclist was at fault, but there might be some windshield bias in that report. At any rate, to prevent use the intersection protocols from the link at the top of my blog.

The CM in Waterloo IA honored 2 cyclists killed this month. Critical mass in Waterloo spends moment commemorating deaths of fellow cyclists Yeah, the cyclist hit-from-behind in the bike lane was pretty heinous.

A vigil for the Green Party candidate killed while riding her bicycle. Vigil Held for Green Party Candidate, Natasha Pettigrew Still the question of why the driver didn’t stop…

Two reports on 71 YO men injured in Canada… Cyclist injured after Saturday morning crash and Cyclist, 71, fights for life after collision In the first report the driver turned right on red without yielding to the cyclist that was crossing the intersection with the light. In the second the cyclist was moving left to make a left turn and the driver didn’t slow down or go around, or didn’t have enough time to react to the cyclist (it is sometimes the cyclist’s fault). When I was filtering this I thought both wrecks were the same person, after all what are the odds that 2, 71 YO cyclists would be hit in the same province on the same day? I doubt there are many 71 YO cyclists even on the roads (but regular aerobic exercise like cycling does tend to keep older people active long after their sedentary cousins).

More on the Jr. cyclist killed in Belize. 17 Year Old Cyclist Mourned We found out in this report that the cyclist hit was on the back of a paceline with other cyclists, meaning there were enough riders that “I didn’t see him” isn’t going to fly on this one. Also JUNIOR CYCLIST’S PROMISING CAREER CUT SHORT BY TRAGIC ACCIDENT

For those not into ultra-endurance riding, Jure Robic was the best currently riding when he was killed last week. CORRECTION: “Four-Time RAAM Winner Robic Dies in Accident” The “correction” was the Jure won the RAAM 5 times, not 4. Like I said, the best…

Lots of infrastructure articles…

From Wenatchee WA. Crowded byways make safety a two-way street for bicyclists, motorists Comments, some funny haha, some “funny”. Read at your own risk.

In Petaluma CA. Petaluma: Cars vs. people Ten people have been injured in 6 incidents in less than 4 weeks, all in intersections, all in crosswalks, all crossing with the signals. Cyclists should not ride in crosswalks but are supposed to dismount and walk across streets when using pedestrian facilities, the cyclists in these wrecks were riding not walking, but were still crossing with the signals. And the drivers used the universal GOOJF card of impaired visibility, even when they were in clear violation of the right of way, running a light. TANJ!

Ottawa ON Canada weighs in on the subject. Spate of cycling accidents spurs advocates to call for education No comments allowed on this article, smart.

Victoria in Oz is having an unusual increase in bike wrecks. Cyclists face increased injury risk Everywhere else when cycling goes up the rate of cyclist wrecks goes down, but in this one place the rate went up as the number of cyclists went up. The only thing I can see is that as the number of cyclists went up the anger of the drivers went up about all the “freeloading scofflaw” cyclists on “their” roads. That’s just conjecture on my part, of course, but the cyclists aren’t killing themselves.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this Monday.

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