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Getting Spooooky, and the Feed

Yes it’s getting spooky out there as the souls of unavenged cyclists killed by drivers that got away with it in this world moan in despair as their killers walk free… Can’t you hear them? I can every day.

Up first is another report on our favorite blonde b*tch, Tasha Borland. Oklahoma woman sentenced to 24 years in prison for striking two cyclists There is a little mis-communication there as Tasha hit 3 cyclists and killed 2 of them.

Still in the jurisprudence portion of the program, we have a trail date set on a MT hit-and-run. Trial date set in Seeley Lake fatal hit-and-run; plea agreement in works Perhaps we can get as favorable a plea agreement with this fiend as we did with the Blonde B*tch? This is even worse as the driver either took the cyclist’s shoes, or one of the shoes got caught in the truck and fell off near the house. This was a hit-from-behind wreck in the dark, use lights and hit-from-behind protocol to keep yourself out of a similar wreck.

An apparent hit-and-run in our nation’s capital. Cyclist struck at 6th and H NW Other than the news of the cyclist getting hit there isn’t much in this one. It was posted too early, before DCPD had time to find out what happened.

Surprize surprize, cops say a fellow cop did nothing wrong when he hit a cyclist. No charges against police officer following teenage cyclist’s death It doesn’t matter what country it happens in when a cop kills with a car the victim was at fault unless it gets caught on camera proving otherwise (and even then they’ll try to weasle out of it somehow).

A Enn Zed driver is sorry he killed a cyclist, but not sorry enough to not appeal his ridiculously light sentence. Driver remorseful after cyclist’s death Only 250 hours of community service and a 6 month ban on driving, and he’s appealing the sentence. I hope he gets prison time after the appeal.

And infrastructure news from Lala land. “Breakin’ the Law and Proud of It!” If those encharged with enforcing the laws don’t know the laws, what do you do?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits on this night before All Hallows’ Eve. Have a spoooooky weekend, and carb load with candy 😉

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No time to celebrate Tasha Borland, we got more dead and injured cyclists in the Feed

As much as I want to celebrate Tasha Borland’s first day in prison, I can’t. There were still dead and injured cyclists in the Feed this morning, and until I can go weeks between wreck reports and just give reports on bread baking and making beans and rice, and how far I rode the day before, well my job just ain’t close to being done. I will be done when hitting a cyclist with a car is as rare and garners as much outrage as an adult assaulting a child on the street.

Up first because I still like to gloat about it is another report on Tasha. Woman Sentenced In Cyclist Deaths To avoid, well don’t be a stupid b*tch and drink and take prescription meds that depress your judgement then climb behind the wheel of a potential killing machine when you’re only semi-conscious.

In the same state as us, but actually moving farther away from WoaB HQ, a hit-and-run in Corpus Christi TX. Police seek green Camaro, driver in killing of Flour Bluff cyclist Interesting comments that nobody blamed the cyclist for being there to get hit. On the other hand the evidence that the driver stopped to remove the damaged bicycle from under the car before leaving the cyclist to die is just disgusting.

Car-head thinking in an article on a right hook in NC. Woman slightly injured in truck-bike collision Even if you have a “green arrow” signal, you still have the onus to make sure there’s nothing in front of you that might have entered the intersection before the signal changed, like a slow-moving bicycle. In other words just because you have a green light doesn’t give you the right to hit something that’s slower than you but in front of you. For cyclists use intersection protocol to avoid a wreck like this, and don’t let a driver “courtesy” you into a wreck.

A cyclist is hit and injured just 10 blocks from the President’s crib. Bicyclist struck on Pennsylvania Ave. All I know about this wreck and how to avoid is that it seems to have been a mid-block so most likely you need to use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid a similar situation. According to one of the comments in the comments section it was somebody pulling a U-turn across the bike lane, which in DC are in the middle of the road not on the edges. As this is not a common lane configuration I don’t have a protocol to avoid this situation. The closest one would be the left cross but using that would require dodging into the adjacent traffic lane. As the driver is also turning into that lane it is most likely empty but if the driver didn’t see you what guarantee is there that he would have seen a car coming?

Another report on that CA hit-and-run where witnesses split up and some tailed the driver while others helped the victim. Man killed in hit and run Yay concerned bystanders, boo drunken idiot driver, insert rant about cute kittens and anaphylactic shock. Maybe this driver and Tasha can be bunk buddies in prison?

And from India another injured cyclist was the straw that broke the camel’s back on a private bus service. Cyclist escapes Blueline death The cyclist was hit from behind while stopped at a traffic light and seriously injured. As a result local government has banned the private bus service Blueline from operation beginning this December because of the large number of deaths and injuries as a result of those vehicles, hundreds a year just in one city.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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Breaking news: Tasha Borland sentenced to 24 years!

There is a goddess and she likes bicyclists!

Borland given 24 years in prison

Not only that but after she gets out she has 6 years of probation to serve, which means if she screws up she goes back to prison. Also because of the crimes falling under the OK 85% law, she will have to serve more then 20 years in prison before they can even think about parole. So OK roads will be a tiny bit safer for the next 26 years as a minimum.

Tasha Borland is being sentenced today, why are you reading my blog? Get thee hence

Yes, they are sentencing Tasha Borland today. If it’s before 1PM and you live near Sand Springs get your butt to that courtroom and lend support to keeping her butt in prison for a very long time (and post a comment about it here no matter what happens).

Up first a teen driver fails to recognize trouble coming and hits a little girl on a bike. Bicyclist, 11, Killed By Teen Driver In Mesa The driver came on a car that was stopped at a crosswalk to let pedestrians cross, the little girl was with them and following at the rear, and the teen driver just came on through the crosswalk. This was a violation of basic safety rules (if there’s a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk you stop, too) as well as common sense. In this case there isn’t much a cyclist can do to avoid this kind of wreck except not ride. Seriously this is exactly like crossing with the light and getting hit by a red light runner, and the punishment for the driver that violated the crosswalk should be just the same as a driver that runs a red light and kills. Sadly enough it looks like that is exactly what’s going to happen, drivers that run red lights and hit cyclists are seldom even punished for the red light violation.

Another report on the man killed riding a stolen bicycle. Minneapolis bicyclist killed on bike he stole The wreck was very bad on this one. From the destruction I would say the truck barely slowed for the corner before hitting the cyclist. The stolen bike does not absolve the driver of the truck for what he did in running over the cyclist, this looked like the truck driver was either oblivious to the existence of the cyclist or deliberately tried to “buzz” the cyclist and mis-judged the speed of the cyclist. That said, bike thieves are scum, but they don’t deserve the death sentence.

Apparently even in the Great White North people can’t understand that a driver wasn’t paying attention to the road and ran over 5 cyclists from behind and only stopped because his vehicle was disabled by the impacts. Coroner can help explain Highway 112 deaths Seriously, this dude was spaced out on the roads, and should not have been driving, and several other people paid the price for his impairment. Why there were no charges filed I still can’t understand, had the driver hit 5 cars driving slowly on the same road he would have been in jail so fast that his pupils would have been on the same side of his nose. This quote floors me though:The police appear to have given the case the diligence it deserved but in the absence of clear proof of intent, dangerous driving, or criminal negligence, then charges plainly should not be laid.” There are several dead and injured on the road and 5 vehicles have been hit from behind, how much more evidence of dangerous driving do they need?

Infrastructure news! a NYC mom of a cyclist killed by a driver that was too stupid to live wants drivers taught that hitting cyclists is bad. Mom Wendy Clouse wants cyclist-safety course for motorists after her daughter’s tragic death Ms. Clouse, the driver that killed your daughter was unlicensed, even if there was such a course being taught with questions on the driver’s written test, this idiot wouldn’t have seen it and would have still killed your daughter.

Final infrastructure report is another side to the $8 million settlement reached with a lawyer in Seattle. Paralyzed cyclist Gendler receives settlement, but wants life back And I know the person that wrote the comment that the bridge was built before bikes had 1″ wide tires won’t see this, but does that mean the bridge was built prior to 1973? I had a used bike I bought in 1975 that had 27 x 1″ tires. Those tires were harder than heck to keep pumped up with the bicycle pumps available at the time, and don’t even get me started about the air hoses at gas stations.

And that’s all I got today, the rest of the feed was reports from Jolly Olde with lots of details about the personal lives and hair color of the victims, but nothing on the actual wrecks themselves which means I have nothing I can use in this blog to help save your life.

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Tasha Borland sentencing tomorrow, and the Feed

For those in the Sand Springs area of OK remember that tomorrow is the sentencing hearing for Tasha Borland. Remember the minimum she’s supposed to get is 3 1/2 years in prison with no possibility of parole, but I have the sneaking suspicion she’s going to walk. Show up at the hearing and show that she belongs in prison, and also that she needs to never drive again.

Up first are more reports on the right hook wreck that killed a man on a bike Monday. Man killed in bike-truck crash in downtown Mpls. The pictures in that link don’t show a normal right hook crash, the bike was destroyed front and rear. More Bicyclist Killed in Downtown Minneapolis Was Riding Stolen Bike This is an interesting tidbit, but it doesn’t absolve the driver of the truck that killed him. It does show that the rack the bike was stolen from needs more security.

Back in OK for a moment, the hunt for the killer of a cyclist is given back to Traffic division because Homicide couldn’t find the driver. Search for suspect continues in bicyclist’s death You know the first places I would check are windshield repair shops for people that replaced windshields in the week to 10 days after the wreck, but then I’m just a brain-damaged blogger, what do I know.

More on the battle to reduce the killer of the majority of the deceased cyclists in London. No More Lethal Lorries appeal stepped up A couple of points I agree with are the “Blaming blind spots = guilty” and the idea that off-road trucks are not suited for use in urban areas. Some of the rest is counter-productive in my eyes.

And something like infrastructure news, a lawyer who was made a quadraplegic by a hidden road defect wins $8 million in a settlement. Injured cyclist would trade $8 million settlement to get his life back I’m sure the worst nightmare for a defendant’s attorney is a crippled lawyer as plaintiff. The thing is this guy wasn’t the first to crash nor the last, but he was the guy with the resources to sue the pants off the people that caused all the wrecks. The thing I was glad to see was the defect in the road was repaired at a relatively low cost. Now had they done that immediately after the first bike wreck caused by the defect then they would have been $8 million heavier in the wallet, but people just don’t think about things like that.

I had a couple of links from wrecks in India, but those wrecks didn’t have enough information on how to avoid them to make it worth writing up in here. In India they are quick to assign blame for a wreck, but the media frequently doesn’t have a lot of actual information about the wreck that can be used to protect road users from future wrecks. I mean they give the license plate of the cars in wrecks, but not the directions and the places on the roads of the vehicles involved in the wreck.

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More than usual number of links from TX, and the rest of the Feed

Well, there are a lot of links from the home state of WoaB today, more than I like at any rate. On preferences for links I prefer that there not be any links because there are no wrecks to report on rather than having wrecks and no links. In order: No wrecks; All wrecks have links; Wrecks with no links is a situation which I do not like at all.

Up first is a hit-and-run a couple hundred miles up the road in Texarkana. Police seeking hit-and-run driver who injured cyclist This is a vast improvement over a wreck in 2007 where the left side of a vehicle collided with the right side of a bicycle that had “swerved from the shoulder” i.e. had been on the left side of the lane the whole time and the driver didn’t process that information. This wreck LEO are taking seriously. I couldn’t read the whole article because it requires a subscription so I can’t tell you how to avoid the wreck if the same situation happens to you.

Just down the road in Austin the chef at a children’s shelter is severely injured in a hit-and-run. Austin Children’s Shelter employee critically injured in hit and run This could be an attack on CPS for taking away somebody’s kid, or it could just be another case of driver-on-cyclist violence that has become so prevalent in Austin lately (it’s normally not this serious), or it could just be a drunk or sleepy driver not paying attention to what’s on the road in front of him/her. He was hit from behind mid-block on a street that the bike lanes stopped on a block previous to the wreck location. To avoid a similar wreck use the hit-from-behind protocol in the link at the top of my blog.

And still in Texas, the cyclist hit-and-run last week in McAllen will have a memorial ride. Memorial Planned for Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run Hit-and-run against cyclist has become epidemic in TX, same as everywhere else. I don’t know what to say except maybe have some of those cheap miniature video cameras running with some kind of G-activated cutoff switch so that a description of the vehicle can be captures at least. If I get the $$ I’m going to buy 4 of those $10 cameras to mount on my bike with the half-hour memory cards, and program them to loop that half hour so that a wreck is never lost.

This is very disturbing. Rocky Mount cyclist killed in apparent drive-by shooting This is not something you can avoid by good riding practices, because they may be shooting you for something someone else did. Or they may just be shooting because they don’t give a crap about you actually being a human being, to them you’re just a cyclist, if you were a real person of value you would be driving a car. Another good reason to have those miniature video cameras on your bike though.

Another report on that disturbing DUI hit-and-run in L.A. CA. Cyclist killed in Agoura Hills hit-and-run; driver arrested on suspicion of DUI See it isn’t just TX, it’s everywhere… The comments section was hopeful in that there were very few comments that made the victim at fault for “being there on a bicycle”. Most were against the driver for being drunk and/or leaving the scene, a couple were because the immigration status of the driver was not given (i.e. citizen, legal resident, or illegal alien) so they assumed from the name the driver was an illegal alien… some people…

A wreck where everybody stayed on the scene until LEO showed up… Bicyclist dies in 1st Avenue crash with delivery truck This was a right hook wreck where the truck passed the cyclist and immediately turned across his path, causing him to go under the rear wheels. Use intersection protocol on wrecks like this to reduce the severity of injury by reducing the angle of impact. Other than that, eternal vigilance, and maybe a huge fine against people that drive like the truck driver might help.

In UT they have another cyclist injured in a wreck. Young cyclist injured in collision with vehicle I used to live not far from there but when I lived there that area was farmer’s fields not housing developments. Anyway, the wreck, the kid did not look to make sure the way was clear before crossing the road at a stop-sign controlled intersection. The crosswalk doesn’t matter in this case, even though in UT a cyclist in the crosswalk has all the rights of a pedestrian in the crosswalk. You have to allow enough time for the drivers to see you and yield to you in the crosswalk.

Half a continent away in IL an eerily similar wreck to the one linked to above. Cyclist injured after crashing into car Again crosswalk and young rider that didn’t allow enough time for drivers to yield right-of-way to occupants of the crosswalk.

Another article about dead cyclists from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle, that I can’t read because I can’t afford to pay for articles I link to. Joe Barnett: Death takes another cyclist I don’t advise paying to read someone’s opinion about bicycles and bicycle wrecks, you get that for free from me 😉

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this fine Tuesday.

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I love this comic…

Having fought the battle against spammers in my blog(s) since 2006 I can so relate to this comic Constructive

Y’all have a happy.


After a productive Sunday doing pretty much nothing, The Feed

Yes, I enjoyed my day off, going to church and taking care of the week’s leftovers, and watching DVD movies. I’m getting ready for Halloween, or as we call it in my religion Samhain (pronounced Sow-when because the transliteration was based more on the shape of the runes than their pronunciation), and I will be attending services Friday, Saturday, and 2 on Sunday, all from different groups. This is one of the busy times of the year for us Pagans as everybody has a major observance this time of the year on slightly different dates depending on how they calculate it, by calendar or by tracking the sun, or by the moon.

Up first because they linked to me rather than my linking to them, another hit-and-run in CA. Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash By Suspected Drunk Driver Yep when major news outlets start linking your blog to their stories, you have arrived. Anyway the driver was going the same way as the cyclist, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid a similar wreck. Insert rant about drunk drivers and rabid wolverines, cute kittens and anaphylactic shock.

Door prize in NYC, more than one link. Cyclist Fatally Doored in East Harlem and Open car door kills bicyclist Marcus Ewing, 27, cycling advocacy group says this is all too common also Bicyclist Killed Uptown in Another Car-Door Accident One of the comments made in the second link stated that it was unknown how many “door prizes” were not actual “accidents” but deliberate assaults on cyclists by drivers (or passengers on the driver’s side of the vehicle). The problem in this case is the bike lane is directly in the door zone, and to avoid the door zone you have to leave the bike lane. In states where they have mandatory bike lane laws (like, unfortunately, TX) this is not an option. The old way to avoid getting doored was to look through the rear windshield at see if there was someone sitting in the car that might be about to open the door, unfortunately head restraints and tinted windows have rendered that option pretty much useless. Unless a negligent assault or manslaughter crime is invented there is no legal way to punish people that open car doors into cyclists, and more cyclists will die as a result. Related links Brooklyn Bicycle Accident Takes the Life of NYC Cyclist and Fatally doored cyclist had a passion for helping the poor, dream of moving to New York City

The driver in a fatal hit-and-run talks to the media before she goes to prison. Woman talks about guilt after hitting, killing Summerfield bicyclist I don’t know if it is my personal bias after I was nearly killed in a hit-and-run or what, but I find the sympathy this article shows to the driver distasteful. The sorrow the driver claims seems formulaic and contrived. I really think it must be my personal biases clouding my judgement about this driver, who despite her doctor’s warnings about her not driving under her medication went driving anyway and as a result killed a human being.

Closer to home for me the cyclist killed in a hit-and-run in the Rio Grande Valley was named by police. Cyclist Killed in Hit & Run Identified For those of you reading this on this is no news, but for the rest of you, this was a user of the BikeJournal service and a person who was well-liked in his community and in the BikeJournal community.

Moving to the Great White North, a driver gets away with murder. No charges to be laid in case of cyclist, 53, killed in August and No charges in Ottawa cyclist’s death Another example of car-head bias from LEO. The best outcome we can hope for is that the student driver continues to refuse to drive in the future, but there is nothing preventing her from driving should she decide to do so.

Still wandering the snowy wastes, a driver kills 2 and has to pay a fine and not get caught driving for 3 years. Cyclist killer fined $5,000, given three-year driving ban As long as killing with a motor vehicle is treated as something that can’t be avoided, or a minor offence, drivers will feel nothing prevents them from killing but their own consciences, which sadly are lacking for many.

Away from North America, a cyclist is killed in Dubai. Prominent Dubai cyclist killed in tragic collision I don’t know anything about the mode for this wreck, but there are so few cyclist deaths in the UAE that anyone getting killed on a bike is national news there.

In infrastructure news, NYC says they’re going to start ticketing cyclists more. New York City to Clamp Down on Cyclist Scofflaws There are certain illegal behaviors I would like to see ticketed more, like “salmon” cyclists, and those riding at greater than a quick walking pace on the sidewalks, but to be honest most “illegal” cyclists are placing themselves in more danger than they are the general public.

And that’s the Feed for this Monday, I hope you had a good weekend and have a great start to the week.

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Short Feed today, a quick read

I opened the Feed folder this morning to find only 2 links, before filtering, so this is going to be a quick read.

Somewhat local, or at least in the same state as WoaB, a 70 YO cyclist is tagged on the shoulder of US 377. Bicycle Rider Airlifted after Accident Aside from where he was riding there was no further information on this wreck.

And a chain reaction wreck in India resulted in a motorcyclist getting a hunk of what sounds like rebar in the leg after the bicycle that was carrying it was hit from behind. 25-year-old’s leg impaled on iron rod in accident Even when you do everything right, someone else’s mistakes can ruin your day. The driver in this wreck managed to get 2 other, lighter vehicles with one hit and injured 2 people, one very seriously. To avoid a similar wreck use hit-from-behind protocols when carrying rebar on your cargo bike, and move the rebar so that it’s the first thing a vehicle hitting from behind hits, so it can do some major damages.

And that’s everything in the Feed for today… and I didn’t even get to have a fit. 😉

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I’m back with the Feed

After a grueling day out on the roads by bus, with an allergy attack tacked on for good (?) measure I have recovered enough to filter the Feed and make a post. Lots of links so far, it looks like a bumpy ride.

Up first is more information on the cyclist killed by a teen-age girl driving around with her car full of balloons and the windshield covered in painted dots. Family mourns cyclist killed Still many unanswered questions on this wreck, like why the driver and her companion didn’t remove the balloons filling the car before driving it…

Closer to WoaB HQ is this hit-and-run in McAllen TX. Fatal hit-and-run magnifies risks cyclists face on area roadways Hit-from-behind by a driver with a loud muffler. That sounds like a deliberate attack by an “entitled” driver that thinks his license and tags give him ownership of the roads. To avoid use the hit-from-behind protocols in the link at the top of my blog. Insert usual rant about hit-and-run drivers and rabid wolverines.

Closer still was this wreck just down the road a bit in Kaufman. One injured in bicycle/vehicle LEO in this case seem to be blaming the driver for not yielding to the cyclist in this hit-from-behind wreck, as the cyclist had apparently established position in the street before he was hit.

A SD cyclist gets hit by a driver that had the green, but did the cyclist really run the red? Update: Injuries not life threatening in accident at 12th Street and Marion Road I’m looking at the Street View of this intersection and if the cyclist was doing 15 MPH and entered the intersection just as the light turned yellow he would have been at the far side of the intersection with his rear wheel hanging out in the outside lane, but at 12 MPH he would have been dead center in the outside lane. The thing is the wreck description doesn’t say where the cyclist was hit. Anyway, to avoid use intersection protocols, don’t run red lights, and ride faster than 15 MPH on a pale green. If you can.

A driver tried to use the “I didn’t see him” get-out-of-jail-free card but it gets denied… Local cyclist injured in car collision The driver was pulling out from a parking lot and went right into the cyclist. LEO decided that the cyclist was large enough, and close enough that the driver should have seen him, and charged the driver accordingly.

A very strange article that I can’t read because I don’t pay for online news content (if I had to pay for all the news I access on a daily basis this blog would not exist) but the teaser says the driver was trying to remove cardboard from one of her front wheels when she hit a cyclist. Police Say Woman Hit, Injured Bicyclist

What has to qualify for front-running in the worst-written news article this year, a cyclist out training is hit by someone driving a car. Competitive cyclist hit by car I have absolutely no idea what happened in this wreck aside from the car hitting the cyclist. Of the 5 “W’s” of news reporting who was only half answered (the victim, but no driver’s name), what was he was hit by a car, otherwise glossed over, where is somewhere in the city limits of OKC (the caption to the video actually has more information on that), when was sometime before sundown because sun glaring on dusty windshields was mentioned, why was completely forgotten, and how was “by a car”. The mode of wreck, the name of the driver, who did what prior to the wreck, all ignored.

A cyclist hit last month in Canada finally succumbs to his injuries. Cyclist dies weeks after crash I have covered this wreck since it happened, and I’m very saddened to learn of the gentleman’s demise. The reason why the cyclist left the bike lane and was hit in the inside lane of the road has never been determined. Another report Senior who was struck by car dies in hospital I’m getting backchannel reports that the man may have had a medical emergency that caused him to veer into the road and also hit the throttle on his USPD electric assist.

Another report from the Great White North that has me sick to my stomach. No jail time in cyclist crash that killed 2 and No jail time for man accused in deaths of charity cyclists Yes it’s no big deal to hit 4 cyclists on the side of the road and kill 2 of them, you just get a few hours of community service

A slightly better story from Canada on another driver that killed a cyclist. Man gets eight-year prison term for fatal car collision with teen This is another report on this story than the one I linked to earlier this week, and they still can’t do math, as the guy has been in jail for less than 2 years (having been denied bail) and only has 58 more months (4 years 10 months) to go on his 8 year sentence…

A piece of PPE that I hope never gets made mandatory. New Airbag for Cyclists aims to Prevent Head Injuries in Accidents Basically it’s an inflatable helmet and neck brace that pops out when a crash is detected. The bad part is like a helmet it’s only good for one hit, and has to be replaced after every use. The good part is it doesn’t impede vision or hearing and also protects the vulnerable cervical spine in a wreck. The bad part is with all the electronics it’s expensive and heavy.

News from Enn Zed about a drunk driver that killed a cyclist. Bar owner drank with killer driver before crash The driver had 13 drinks before he left and killed a cyclist in a hit-and-run wreck, and this trial was for the establishment that over-served him and then let him drive.

Infrastructure news from the most deadliest place to ride a bike or walk in the US. A penny tax for rail could mean a smoother ride for cyclists How are they going to get bike lanes in if people living on that street can veto them their blocks? How about if you want new paving and potholes fixed you get bike lanes, don’t want bike lanes you don’t get potholes fixed or new pavement.

A cyclist is remembered. Pewaukee will plant memorial to Jeff Littmann in Lakefront Park

One last bit of infrastructure news. NYC To Start Recording Accidents Between Bikes, Pedestrians I’m actually glad to see this started, because we really need the data. With only one fatality a year in NYC caused by bicycles hitting pedestrians it doesn’t really tell planners where the conflicts are or how to plan the infrastructure to minimze conflicts, and with no data you get no plans. I want the infrastructure to work for everybody, which requires planning which requires data.

And (finally) that’s all the news that gives me fits…

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