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Running late and with another meeting to attend, a quick Feed

Things are hectic at WoaB World HQ here in the suburbs of Hell, I had to go do some shopping across town which took most of the afternoon, and I have a meeting to go to tonight, which doesn’t leave much time for snark. Poor you.

Up first is a strange story of a man accused of assault for hitting 2 men with a U-lock when they got out of their van to beat him up. Bicyclist claims self-defense after possible road rage incident Yes, don’t spit on a car or other motor vehicle when they try to run you over because then you’ll get arrested for assaulting the driver when he tries to beat you up…

In the most deadliest state in the US to ride a bike, they got another one, big time. A sixth bicyclist is killed in Tampa in a collision involving three cars and Sixth bicycle fatality in Tampa Bay area Car runs red light knocking another car into the cyclist waiting on the sidewalk for the light to change while hitting a third car waiting for the light to change. The cyclist was pinned under the car that hit him and also pinned against a building. This is a stupid driver issue, not infrastructure or cyclist’s rights or anything else. Some people need to never get behind the wheel of a car, ever.

And on the eve of the one year anniversary of their deaths the killer of 2 cyclists is indicted. Local driver is indicted in cycle deaths You might remember this wreck from last year when I reported that the driver had left the road to hit the tandem bike from behind at 70 MPH+/-. It too 364 days for the DA to get an indictment on something that was so obviously a crime, which he should be ashamed of. The only thing worse would have been not even trying for an indictment, which is what the LEO that did the initial investigation did, not even a ticket for failure to maintain lane position.

Another San Jose CA cyclist is killed, ho-hum. Car strikes, kills 62-year-old bicyclist in Atherton The guy wasn’t even in the street but “in or near the crosswalk”, and they’re like Well it might be the cyclist’s fault… you know for being there where the car needed to go…

One of the reasons why FL is killing so many cyclists, according to one lawyer. Bicycle Accidents and Florida’s No-Fault Insurance Law I don’t know what else to say about this except they really need to do something about the drivers that can’t see cyclists…

What they didn’t say in this article is that the officer killed was riding a police bike with reflective POLICE logos, and was riding in uniform after ending his shift. U.S. 40 hit-run crash kills police officer riding bicycle This was assaulting a police officer in uniform, one of 3 on the road and I want to know why the description of the vehicle doesn’t include “several bullet holes”.

More on the death of the Green Party Senate candidate while riding a bicycle. Save a Cyclist…Stop Distracted Driving Not coming out and saying it was an “accident”, but allowing for the possibility that it wasn’t murder with the “I didn’t see her” excuse/GOOJF card.

A rather generic article about Ghost Bikes from LA. ‘Ghost bikes’ stand in memory of fallen cyclists

More on the cyclist that was killed in a Liberty, NC hit-and-run. Family And Friends Remember Cyclist Killed In Hit & Run No new information available at this time.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. BTW I went to get a new battery for my bike computer and the “new” battery was dead from the package… I’m not a Happy Camper :[

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