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Running late and tired, the Feed

Just to make things perfectly clear, I’m the one that is tired and running late…

Up first because it is literally local (I have ridden on the trail where this happened) a jogger does a turn-around into a cyclist and injures them both. Jogger Critically Injured on Katy Trail and Woman critically injured after crash with bicyclist on Katy Trail and also Jogger critically hurt in bike crash on crowded Katy Trail still more Jogger in ICU after collision with cyclist on Katy Trail still more Jogger Seriously Hurt on Katy Trail and last one (we have a lot of media outlets in Dallas) Cyclists Versus Joggers As you can see from all the articles fault has yet to be assigned in this wreck, but there are some things that are clear: Walkers and joggers need head protection, you should never wear headphones or earbuds while riding or jogging, never count on the jogger hearing your warning when you approach to pass. And I’m serious on that head protection. When adults are hit by motor vehicles the death rate goes level at 20 MPH and below, because at that point the motor vehicle ceases to be the primary cause of death, what starts happening is the pedestrian or cyclist that gets hit has worse injuries from colliding with the ground than the collision with the moving vehicle. Kids on the other hand don’t get that problem nearly as bad because they are closer to the ground and don’t have as far to fall as adults.

Moving a little further afield to San Antonio, we get more on that indictment handed down against a driver that killed 2 cyclists on a tandem last year. Father of cyclist killed in crash: “Something had to be done” Don’t read the comments. Please.

This just in a drunk driver kills a cyclist outside of LA CA. Teen cyclist killed in Pacoima accident; driver arrested on suspicion of DUI It looks like a hit-from-behind wreck caused by a drunk and distracted driver which is a really bad combination. DUI kills because it causes information processing issues, distracted driving creates its own set of information processing errors, add the two together and you get a person that won’t even know that they killed someone.

AL is not as bad as FL, but then you have to try real hard to be as bad as FL when it comes to dead cyclists. Cyclist hurt in hit-and-run The cyclist is not in good shape on this one, the fact she was airlifted to an out-of-state hospital with state of the art trauma care is testimony to that. Be thinking of this one in your prayers.

Speaking of FL, another report on the cyclist that was hit in a pinball wreck while waiting for the crosswalk signal. Auto accident fatal for stationary cyclist This didn’t have to be a cyclist, it could have been any pedestrian that was waiting for the crosswalk signal, it could have been a street vendor standing on the corner or a panhandler. Maybe Superman or Kreskin could have avoided this wreck, definitely the Flash, but I don’t think anyone outside the pages of a comic book could have. More Friday night vigil honors fallen bicyclists This hurts my mind…

LEO has decided the sun at 1630 was in the eyes of a driver that killed a cyclist. Sun glare a factor in death of cyclist I think they were looking for an excuse for the driver to not see the cyclist. Two and a half hours before sunset is a time of glare? They must think we are very stupid.

Another hit-from-behind wreck that hit 2 cyclists, no word on if the driver was drunk or just too stupid to be allowed to live. Two bicycle riders struck, injured by car in Village of Nashotah Again some people are trying to blame the sun or the cyclists, instead of the driver.

And from the Great White North, additional charges have been laid in the death of a cyclist by a drunk driver. Manslaughter charge added in case of fatal hit-and-run In TX this could have been bumped to a Capital Murder case because of the felony auto theft, but since manslaughter carries up to life without parole in Canada, I’ll settle for that.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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