Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

Two days, three links and I’m outta here

Yep, 2 days’ worth of Feed filters down to 3 links, and then I have to be someplace else.

Up first are updates to the jogger hit on the Katy Trail in Downtown Dallas. Dallas jogger hit by bicycle on Katy Trail dies and Injured Dallas jogger remains hospitalized Obviously the second link is older than the first. The cyclist in this case could do nothing to avoid the jogger who basically did a quick change from one side of the trail to the other just as he was passing, leaving him with no time to react. The actual deadly injury was the jogger hitting her head against the paved trail, ditto the cyclist’s injuries. [tongue in cheek]This is why you should always wear a helmet every time you leave the house, because you might fall down and bump your head and die.[/tongue in cheek] Need I add that this is another article that you should not read the comments?

Our other link is from St. Louis MO. Accident at Gravois and Chippewa leaves bicyclist dead Not much information from this one aside from time of day and location. One thing that really chaps me is the little note at the end of the article that tox reports would take 12 to 16 weeks. WTF? It’s a simple test, mostly automated that only takes a few minutes to set up and at most an hour to run. Are they that backed up that running a test takes 3 to four months?

And that’s it, all the bike wrecks and lifestyle stories I got in the Feed for the weekend.

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