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Back from the Lab Rat Keeper, to the grind, the Feed

Yes things got really ugly at the LRK (I had to take my shirt off) but I’m back down under 207 pounds (just barely, and no I didn’t take my shirt off before I got weighed).

Up first is a report on the funeral of the jogger that died on the Katy Trail MUP in Dallas. Service for Lauren Christine Huddleston, jogger killed in Katy Trial, accident is Thursday This was a good person that made a mistake and paid for it with her life. Please do not think badly of her but send her the kind of energy needed to go on to the next life. My previous post I wrote some unkind things about joggers. This was not a personal attack on Ms. Huddleston, rather a mind-set needed to keep you alert so that what happened to Ms. Huddleston doesn’t happen to anyone else. More on that very subject Pedestrians, cyclists hope to find unity in safer Katy Trail after jogger’s fatal collision

In the most deadliest state in the US to ride a bike, we aren’t even safe from the cops. Homestead sergeant hits, kills cyclist I’m going to ask the question before any of the car-heads ask the “other” question: “Why was the cop on the roads at 0400?” A vague vehicle description of the murder vehicle and rough time of day and date and a location somewhere on Homestead (blvd? Rd? Ave?) but not actually in Homestead proper. You would think you were reading a UK newspaper instead of the Miami Herald. Actually a UK paper would be more forthcoming with things like location and vehicle descriptions. Something reeks of cover-up on this one…

More on that Augusta GA wreck involving an Army doctor back from Iraq. Get rolling with some solutions In this case the comments are the real story here, but be careful. My mind is pre-exploded and I can’t get worse, but I can’t vouch for what condition your mind will be in when you read comments that haven’t been posted there as I create this post.

Another SWSS in Canada. Cyclist killed in north west OK if we can take this story at face value the old cyclist was wobbling along riding “salmon” and basically fell over in front of the truck. Since I don’t have access to pictures of the bicycle I can neither deny or confirm this report, but to avoid it as it’s written, first learn to ride safely under control at whatever speed your conditioning will allow you to attain, second, ride with traffic and not against it. An additional idea might be to ride a trike if balance is an issue.

It only took a few months to arrest and try a drunk driver in Scotland. Jail for drink-drive motorist who killed cyclist Contrast that to the Tasha Borland case where it was pretty cut-and-dried and it still took more than a year to get her to trial where she pleaded guilty.

Oz is a strange place, and they have strange wrecks there, Wallaby-Bicycle Crash Leaves Australian Woman in Critical Condition I have no idea how to avoid a wreck with a wallaby, or any other critter that decides to decamp in the road.

A wreck that is more about third world standards for driver training and vehicle maintanence than it is about bicycles. Cyclist killed, 12 kids hurt as school bus overturns Note that the bus driver “escaped” from the wreck leaving both his passengers and the cyclist unattended.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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