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Where are the Wild Things? Behind the wheel of a car most likely

OK today’s Feed was depressing. Well not any more depressing than usual except for what has been going on in the days before today’s Feed.

Leading off today is an assault with a deadly weapon (actually several attempted assaults that only the last one made contact) in GA. Cyclist injured after fight with men in car One of the comments was that the cyclist should not have used his U-lock to damage the car. I respectfully disagree. Had the driver (who was drunk) not actually made contact during the assault the U-lock damage could have been used to track down the vehicle and find the culprits. As for how to avoid, I suggest a Desert Eagle carried openly, with a laser sight so all you need to do is put a red spot on the target and pull the trigger. In cases where you are being threatened with a deadly weapon pulling your weapon is just levelling the odds a little. Now if you’re squeamish about shooting people (as most people are) do something so you can identify the car later (cell phone picture, smashing the windshield, whatever) and then try to put as much distance between you and the assailant as possible, and if there’s not time to identify the creeps just get away. What makes this wreck especially vexing is the previous wreck where 5 cyclists in a group of 15 were hit by a distracted driver on a road that was empty except for the bicycles and the car that hit them, just a few miles from where this wreck happened.

An update on the cyclist hit by 2 drunk drivers in AZ. Cyclist critically injured by 2 vehicles identified The new report is that he was just trying to get across the road and was not riding against traffic as previously reported. This story has gotten so convoluted that I really don’t know what happened, but this is what I have on the timeline: Initial report was the cyclist was salmoning to an unknown destination and was hit by the 2 drunks, everybody at fault. Then I was told back channel that the cyclist was trying to cross the road and was trying to shoot a gap in traffic, now I’m told, still back channel, that the drunks were trying to beat a yellow and were going too fast to stop when they hit the cyclist who had a green. I don’t know about the last report as I can’t find a traffic light mentioned in any of the previous reports. Officially the drunks are now totally at fault because they were drunk, but what happens next is ?

And more from the most deadliest state in the US to ride a bike or walk, they got another one. Two area traffic fatalities are in the news this evening This was another rider killed not on the road but beside it by a drunk or distracted driver. This particular phenomena is not confined to any one state or geographic area but happens all over the world, anywhere people drive cars there seems to be a fraction that can’t but do anyway, and they end up going off the roads and killing someone nearby. I don’t know what can be done about this except stronger education and more stringent driver’s tests and making driving off the road some kind of crime when you kill someone. In other words if the person you kill is where they are supposed to be and the car is not where it’s supposed to be then yo have committed a crime, not a traffic infraction.

In this story a pedestrian was hit and the cyclist tracked down the killer. Woman Dies After Hit-and-Run Near Dupont Circle The cyclist in this case saw the wreck and followed the driver until a license plate number could be recorded. Yay us! Boo drunk drivers! Boo hit-and-run!

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. I’m going to a special class at my church tonight on the ritual uses of smudging, if I can I’ll post something about that tomorrow.

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