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More sickening thuds, the Feed

The Feed today was actually mostly updates from previous stories, but still I keep hearing in my mind the sickening thuds of fenders hitting flesh. I didn’t actually hear the sound of my last wreck, but I did hear the sounds of the first 2, and let me tell you that is a sound you don’t forget.

Up first is the funeral for he FL cyclist hit on the last leg of a trans-continental bike trip for charity. Gulf Breeze cyclist killed during cross-country journey What makes me so angry about this wreck is the way it happened. “Oops, I drifted a bit” followed by the thud, more likely a bang at those speeds. The cyclist wasn’t even riding on the road…

Funeral for a bike shop owner killed on a ride in WI. Funeral for cyclist killed in crash set for Saturday This was another hit-from-behind wreck by a driver that “never saw (the cyclists)”.

A new wreck that sounds very fishy. Albany bicyclist killed in Iowa accident The “official” version is that the truck’s right front tire failed when passing the cyclist, which I find unlikely. I had a right front wheel come undone and wedge sideways in the fenderwell on my car and I never left the road or even the lane I was driving in. Why should a flat tire cause that much sideways excursion?

More on the Canadian cyclist killed riding salmon. Cyclist killed by pick-up in city’s northwest and Cyclist killed after crash with pickup truck The pictures in the first link are pretty bad but they tell the tale. The cyclist was hit head-on and he was on the wrong side of the road. Notice the fork was separated at the crown with the front wheel smashed, but the back half of the bike is nearly pristine. To avoid, well you know by now not to ride against traffic, and from the mounds of groceries scattered about it looks like the cyclist was loaded down without the proper gear to carry such a load. If there was a rack and panniers on the bike I couldn’t tell from the pictures. So the second bit of advice I can give would be to secure your loads before riding.

Better news for a 13YO hit by a minivan in BC. Prognosis positive for injured teen cyclist The kid rode out of a driveway into traffic when he was hit, an MP3 player is blamed for reducing the cyclist’s situational awareness. Still 6 meters is almost 20 feet and that requires a fast-moving vehicle to throw a kid (or any other human being) that far. The extent of the injuries is just horrendous.

Closure on a wreck in Scotland. Drunk driver who killed cyclist in head-on collision gets five years The driver was 3 times the legal limit of BAC% for drunk driving, lost control and hit a cyclist head on at 70 MPH (10 MPH over the limit) and was driving without a license or insurance. There was so much illegal going on in this wreck I can’t fathom it. Five years in prison and another 10 years banned from driving is a good start…

Last up is a message from Oz that applies everywhere, Cyclists must take control, for their own safety There is one part that I strongly disagree with: “The onus remains on us cyclists to do what we can to ensure our safety.” The onus is and should always be on the operators of deadly vehicular weapons to not harm others in the use of their vehicles. Initial blame should be on the operator of the deadly weapon, and if that operator was taking due care then blame should be assigned elsewhere.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. I’m going drumming tonight at SJF. See you there?

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