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Still plugging along, the Feed

I don’t know how many times I have used that headline, but for today I will use it again because it’s an accurate description of how I feel. Nothing in the Feed is jumping out at me as being particularly egregious, perhaps because I have read more than 5000 reports of more than 1000 bike wrecks not to mention all the motorcycle wrecks, bull riders injured, etc. At this point if I get angered by it it has to be really bad, or just so outrageous that any thinking human being would be outraged. Nothing rose to that level today.

Up first CA drivers have created a new loophole for hitting cyclists without consequence. Cyclist Hit While Riding Through Cross-Walk Yes, kill a cyclist in an intersection then just claim they were riding in the crosswalk instead of the street and you’re home free. Who’s going to contradict you, the dead cyclist? And to make matters worse, this article tells people about the loophole.

Still in CA we have another cyclist killed by a bus. 22-Year-Old Cyclist Killed by Muni Bus I don’t know the mode of this wreck as the article assumes some familiarity with the bus route and which way the bus was going, but the cyclist was going north and it was a mid-block collision so this was either a hit-from-behind, or a salmon cyclist. none of the comments indicated the cyclist weas riding against traffic in this case so probably a hit-from-behind, use the protocol linked at the top of my blog to avoid a similar situation.

Another red-light-running cyclist in SC. Bicyclist cited in collision with SUV Obviously not a reader of my blog, when the light won’t change you have to wait until traffic is clear before crossing a road. What is doubly frustrating about this wreck is the knowledge that had the cyclist waited even if the light was sensored instead of timed there would have been another car along shortly to trip the light sensor. I don’t know that the cyclist ever even stopped for this light though, he may have just blown right through it. To reiterate, stop for red lights, if the light won’t change then after a reasonable period of time treat the light like a stop sign and go when traffic is clear.

Another report on the dubious story of the death of a cyclist in IA. Albany cyclist killed in Iowa accident Again from personal experience I have severe doubts about this story. I had a wheel fold sideways into the fenderwell on the same side of the vehicle as this wreck and I never even left my lane. A mere flat tire should not have caused the truck to go from moving to the left near the centerline of the highway to suddenly pulling right and sending the vehicle into a ditch. Again I suspect a “buzz job” that hit the cyclist and so startled the driver that he lost control and flipped the truck. I think the tire damage was the result of running over the bike, not the cause.

Multiple reports on the cyclist killed while riding for donations to the oil spill relief. Cyclist raising money for spill killed in crash and Cyclist raising money for spill killed in crash and another completely different story Cyclist raising money for spill killed in crash See? that one word made all the difference. That and the fact that the last link was from Casper WY.

More on the infrastructure mess of putting a playground in a transportation corridor, even if that corridor is made for bicycles. Jogger death on Dallas trail heats up debate over proposed safety rules

A bicycle “safety” event in NC. Winterville Bicycle Rodeo Event At least in this one they are concentrating on the rules of the road and not just “Helmets all the time”.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits for today.

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