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Thud, we keep bringing you the hits with the Feed

Yes, there were a lot of articles about cyclists getting hit by motor vehicles over the weekend, and a few actually made sense (the narrative, not the wrecks).

Up first is another update on the cyclist who was riding across the country to raise money for the victims of the BP oil spill. Funeral set for cyclist killed on fundraising ride So this seemed like it was helping out people whose lives have been devastated by the spill and that’s probably what the cyclist intended, but what it is really is charity for BP because money raised for immediate meeds is money BP doesn’t have to spend later. Or maybe that money could be then spent on a memorial to the people that were harmed but who didn’t work for BP. First take care of the people, then figure out the money. But BP has to pay for everything eventually.

And an update on the cyclist killed by a bus in San Francisco CA. Muni Head Expresses Condolences To Family, Friends Of Cyclist Killed In Collision With Bus Now they say it was a SWSS? I’m sure the video from the bus will show the driver didn’t move far enough left to make a clean pass, if anyone outside the bus company sees that video…

A new wreck in Upstate NY. Cyclist in “satisfactory” condition after Wednesday crash in Canandaigua LEO is sitting on this report for some reason, also there are no tickets or charges issued yet.

In the Great White North a cyclist on an electric-assist bike missed a corner but hit the car. E-bike rider seriously injured in Windsor crash The cyclist was reported to be riding at a high rate of speed (for a bicycle) and took the turn too wide and hit the car coming to the stop sign head on. To avoid a similar wreck either slow down or learn to take corners tighter at full speed. Something interesting is another wreck mentioned in the report about a cyclist on an e-assisted bike getting a door prize last month and the driver actually getting charged with an offence.

Poor traffic control during a race in South Africa. Woman killed during cycling event The killer’s vehicle came onto the race course and hit the cyclist as she was competing. The cyclist was setting up for the sprint to the finish line when she was hit. Initial blame for the driver hitting the cyclist, but some blame must be apportioned to the organizers for traffic control that failed to control traffic.

A ride to remember a fallen cyclist takes on a life of its own. Ride for Miles event in University Heights successful once more This ride remembers a cyclist killed a few years back in an horrendous crash. All proceeds went to the support of the Miles Coburn Environmental Seminar at John Carroll. One of the projects of this fund is providing bicycle helmets to children and students.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this Columbus Day. Now go discover an Indian or something, but do it on a bicycle. And while you’re on the Internets go read Yehuda Moon the greatest bicycle comic strip ever. Not that there is a great deal of competition for the award…

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